Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hi people who read my emails!
Sorry I haven't emailed successfully in a couple of weeks, been having some technical difficulties! I write something and then It's too big and then I send so many pictures that it all doesn't send! So I am cutting down. There have been so many amazing miracles happening here in Brownsville! It's fun to be part of:)
Before you go on a mission they don't really tell you that your going to fall in love with the people you serve and they don't tell you the amazing friendships you'll make with companions and they don't tell you that you will have so much love for the people you teach and they don't tell you that it will be so hard to leave all of that, all the sudden. Transfers are not for another 4 weeks but that is what I have learned on my mission, it's all about love.
If you remember about 2 months ago...we taught Devon and chandler randomly one night at Randy's cafe under there cover area in the rain! Devon's best friends are Seth and Jo two young men in the branch. They are the ages between 15-16. He has randomly always come to church with them and they handed him a Book of Mormon one day at church. We were finally able to have a second lesson with him yesterday after he came to church! Church was amazing by the way but that will be a little later. So we went over to the Seth's and there were no girls there...Seth is the only boy out of 6 Devon Jo and seth brought 4 chairs out on the lawn, the weather was beautiful and we had a lesson! We just got to know him better and made sure to ask Seth and Jo questions so Devon could hear there the same time I know we are helping these young men come closer to Christ because they are still trying to figure out there way in this world. The spirit was soo strong and it is all Devon wanting to sincerely learn. We testified about heavenly fathers love for him and how much he desires his happiness and how much the gospel will bless his life. He comes from a tough background father who has been in jail and a mom who is on drugs. It's so cool to see the desire he has and the difference he sees in his friends family because he is always staying over at there homes. His family lives in Lebanon but he goes to school at central linn in Halsey which is part of our area so for now we get the privilege of teaching him and seeing how far he goes with all of this! I know that Devon's conversion will help his friends who are still developing there testimonies of Jesus Christ and his gospel!
 Charles Thompson is doing really well, been coming to church every week reading and praying! Still working on the desire to quit smoking he knows it is something that god wants him to do! We might be going to the ARP meetings with him and bro Evans who actually used to teach them! You can tell he his happy the more and more he learns.
This week we taught seminary....early morning we got up at 5 ish and were there by 6 and class started at 630! Props to early morning seminary students. So grateful for release time seminary! Brownsville seminary is a way different experience. Biggest class was on Monday of about 7 kids and smallest was about 3 kids. It was fun to teach them and the Manual makes it super easy! We studied Ether and Moroni. We picked chandlyr up two of the mornings she decided to come and she had not been there for about 2 months. She bore her testimony of the difference of her days when she comes to seminary!:) she is Olivia's daughter.
Went on exchange this week with sis thelin! It was amazingly fun. We got to teach Charles together. Did some service that made both of our allergies go bonkers so guess what? my allergies have been super bad! Apparently they go away after July 4th..that's too long to wait! Ahh I have been sneezing up a storm..the willamette valley is the grass seed capital of the world.
Had zone conference this week and
learned a lot from that, lots of revelation for our area. President and sis Samuelian also came to speak in our branch and it was magical! The branch loved them! I'm so thankful for them.
There have been a lot more miracles that have taken place this week, but that is all I have time for! I love you all and hope that your doing well! I love the gospel I know it's true, I love The Lord with all of my heart!

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