Thursday, August 14, 2014

Family and Friends! 
I am over the mountain and in beautiful Redmond Oregon! I love it hear and my new companions name is Sis Alvey she is from Harrisville Utah and oh my heck we are the same person. Everything she does I'm like meee too and vice versa and she keeps saying "i feel like I'm companions with myself and wow i must have made my last companions life awesome" cause i am hilarious and she is having out of body experiences (cause of stuff i will do or say) Im all about having fun while doing the work! 

The people here are soooo nice! It is a whole different world on this side of OR its a little more deserty and the sun shines a lot more and it makes me really happy cause its a little like Az! Last night and today we have been having a monsoon season which has been awesome! I love the rain too! We may or may not have ran in it and got drenched. 

We are working with some pretty awesome people! Like Marty who was recently baptized like a month ago and Courtney who is the wife of a La member and she is so super sweet, we taught her the word of wisdom this week and she texted us after and told us she dumped out 3 beers and said it felt so good and she is so ready and wanting to be baptized. We are also teaching this couple named Jess and Laura who are so prepared, They are patients of (Doc) President Palmer! We are teaching them tonight. We have been talking to a lot of people on the street which has been super fun and always interesting…some potential people for sure! We also have been getting a lot of referrals from the Spanish Elders which is super awesome! One of them being this guy from Ghana named Charles and we finally were able to contact him and talked with him outside his home for an hour…he is sooo awesome!!! 
I will give more detail next time and I just want all of you to know how real this Gospel is and how much Heavenly Father Loves each and everyone of you! This morning sis Alvey and i both randomly studied Alma 24 in out personal studies and came together freaking out…1 that we both studied that…2 about how much we loved it and connected it to missionary work, the Gospel and Christ Atonement and how GOOD God is!!! WE received so much revelation for what we both need to do in this area and that we are both here for a reason! The Gospel changes lives!!!! And only if you let it!!! Peace out.
Love Sister Heywood! 

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