Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hey everybody! 
     Do not have much time...its been a wonderful week. Gabby was baptized Saturday night and confirmed on Sunday! It was so much fun. I love that girl...she was so ready.When Gabby came out of the water she says "I'm really wet" and Renee said she could hear her and she was towards the back.(we were cracking up) Her mom gave a talk and she is not her birth mom but she gave the talk on the Holy ghost and it was amazing! A little background on Tiffany, she was la for most of her life and giving that talk was a first for her. The spirit was super strong. Gabby told us that it all really didn't sink in until she heard her mom give that talk. It was cool. 
     We had dinner with the Davis family last night.......i. love. them. Then we had a mini mtc in there home we did some role plays for missionary situations (it went really well)...before that we had a very spirit lead conversation about the Holy Ghost and how Bro Davis, who is a convert, opened up about how he struggles to know what the promptings he gets are from the Holy Ghost..Sis Davis reassured him that he is good at it. once again i love that family..i can not adequately describe the fun, spiritual, crazy experiences we have with the members and people here! I esp. feel like family when i go into the davis reminds me of when the elders would just come into out home and start shooting us with nerf guns!
     Oh we had thanksgiving at the was delicious!!! Got a bunch of leftovers!:) We were in bend at that sports complex right before for zone was amazing, felt like i was in Disneyland. Deprived as a missionary entertainment wise haha
     Had an amazing exchange with Sister Mower! I got to go Bend and it was so fun had some amazing amazing experiences. I know... Amazing right?! Should have been here! Taught some super prepared people. Im really excited right now because we have a ton of stuff to invite everyone to!!!

Dec.13 Ward Christmas party
Dec. 15 Missionary(choir) Christmas Devotional!
Dec.20 Live Nativity

Love Sister Heywood! #Heisthegift 

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