Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dad!!!!!!!!!! Hi everyone!!!
     I Sister Heywood am loving it here at the MTC, it has been tiring but so rewarding and uplifting...Where to start well I can't remember, it all blends together I feel like I've been here forever even though it's only been 6 days. We have a lot of class time and our teachers name is Sister Knudsen and I LOVE her. I might cry right now I look up to her so much she honestly is the best teacher here  I feel bad for everyone else. p.s. we are at west campus mtc so away from main, my companion Sis Paskett and I have taken a couple trips up there to the main mtc....Let me tell you about her I think you all got my letter hopefully today and loved it haha sister Paskett is 6´ 4`` and 24 yrs I love her!!! We get along so well and are having so much fun together, our district has the funnest time together...Sis Lowry and Sis Eargar are who we room with and then there's Elder Johnson our district leader and his companion Elder Conley and Elder Row and Elder Hastings hahah Oh man do I love all of them. They are all going to Las Vegas mission besides Sis paskett and I but there are a lot of other districts going to Salem english speaking of elders and sisters. p.s. the mission opened in July not Feb like I always said so it is brand spanking new!Also there are sisters that live above us going to Finland and it is so cool to listen to them speak the language! did drakes eagle scout project gooo!! I like how Paige gave me the home address in a dear elder for me to write yes Paige I know our address I've lived there all my life hahaha. It's sooo cool to see all types of people from different parts of life come here for one reason and that's to brings others closer to Christ, 1 purpose. My experience so far has been eye opening and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else..on Sunday, we had church at 7:30 and dad remember when you said I would hear your voice whether it was singing or just talking, well it happened and then the tears came. I sat there and just cried it was your words of encouragement that you always were giving me. And later the branch presidency was like are you okay Sis heywood!! Yes, they were happy tears, no need to worry about me. Oh Man seriously miss all of you a butt load haha MOM how are you? Cody how are you? Paige how are you? Drake how are you? Q how are you? Brock how are you? Keilyn how are you?cracker? I hope you are all getting along and treating mom and dad with respect! Brock I miss your hugs and I could go on and on about everything I miss! When Sis P and I went to main campus today to eat breakfast which wasn't all that great..I saw (Kierra Frost) Sis Frost it was awesome she is going to Bulgaria!? But I haven't seen my friend Kimri Clouse or Elder Enos yet I want to so bad but it hasn't happened. So for class we do this thing called... progressive investigator...and it is a learning and humbling experience to say the least and we have two tonight, it is our teacher acting as someone that they taught on their mission and their story and her name is Lacy and we are meeting Leah tonight these people might mean nothing to you but their everything to me and I think about them daily, it might souind weird. haha But it is all part of the mtc experience and it amazes me of the system that they have here at the mtc how they have the classes set up how they feed so many people how they have amazing teachers, branch pres, zone leaders, sis trainging leaders EVERYTHING is so mind blowing and it is the Lords work! We are nothing without God. I love you all and want you to know I am converted to Christ and strive to be everyday, I love this gospel and love it here! I want all of you siblings to write me and know that I love you and miss you all. Ahhhh best day ever emailing home too! BIG FAN.


                               Love Sister Heywood

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