Saturday, August 3, 2013

Family and Friends!

      Hello everyone alll my family and friends that i love so dearly! Dad thank you for your email it made me cry and really appreciate you updating me on everything and for the scriptures and advice...its wierd did you like go on a mission or something?!? can you do that every week? cool thanks. I like how you address me as yo sister heywood yep thats my dad! miss your sillyness. This week at the MTC had flown by and like they all say the week feels like one whole day! I have loved my stay and leave wednesday morning we need to be at the bus to leave for the airport at 3:30 am haha whoohoo! Ive loved it here so much and know being out in the field will be just as enjoyable and hard but so worth it. Everything here is so inspired of have your companion for a reason you're in a certain district for a reason and zones and teachers and branch presidents and experience and what you put in you will get out! This week elder Row, one of the two in our district from canada went home for reasons he didnt want to share and we all miss him! Our district has really grown close through much laughter and testifying of the truth! We sang his favorite hymn and prayed together and he thanked us, he said being here has changed his life and we know God has a plan for him as He does for everyone. He was quieter and being a heywood and just london and with the help of everyone else we really broke him out of his shell and i think that was a blessing to him to express himself better, eating meals is not the same either cause as a district we would all try and sit together and honestly this is when i laugh the most! I love to Laugh. Okay so which brings me to Elder conley if you can picture Brady Boren for goofy he is and loving, that is this elder. Elder Boren always brought out the best in me so if you could imagine that is what elder conley does for me haha And Sis Paskett picture mallory...that is my companion!!! I figured it out and its freaky. Love her to death! We had infield oreientation this past tuesday at the main mtc and boy was that awesome i wish it never ended, learned alot. I first finally got to see my friend Kimri clouse in the hall way and then saw natalie Fehlman in the lunch room at the main campus and we hugged for the longest time and just cried i was so happy to see her, it was home away from home but i didnt get a pic with her but maybe will today, we are going back there for haircuts and to pick up our clothes that are getting length added to! :)  Im going to miss this place, there is a great spirit here!   


How have i seen the Hand of the Lord in my life!? Honestly through it so happy to be out here, on the Lords time and through exact obedience we will be blessed. I love the little blessings that happen cause i know he is aware of me and sometimes they are the biggest blessings. Sometimes it can be hard but the more and more i learn to rely on the Lord it will become easier, He is in the drivers seat. And i couldnt do life without the Lord and my savior on my side. I and we have had so many great experence this week. Through companionship inventory and class and zone teaching, it is always something i need to hear or something we are missing in our teaching. The teachers here are amazing and they have really helped me become the kind of the missionary the Lord needs me to be and i want to be. I cant wait to meet my mission president and wife this coming wed. they talk to us about giving a good first impression and how the elders should always be in there suit coats unless they are given permission to take them off. We are representing the Lord and i feel very blessed to be that at this time in my life! but it will not end when i get home i will always be a defender of the faith! I wish i could clue you in on every amazing experience i have, its hard to remember everything. A scripture i really love is D&C 84:88 "And whoso receiveth you, there i will be also, for i will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your heart, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.".. Sis Paskett and i had a special heart to heart saturday night and she began to tell me how she was only born with half a brain and after a blessing it was made whole as a little newborn and the passing of her mom 5 years ago and all her grandparents and aunt. And i told her about my grandpa heywood and grandma keeling and that all of them are cheering us on and they are the angles baring us up and we could feel them in the room that night laughing and crying with us. Sis P wants so bad for them to be proud of her along with the Lord and i told her that they already were so proud of her. Another scripture i love is D&C 100:6 and it applies to teaching "For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say." as long as we teach by the spirit we have nothing to worry about..Humility is the key to to knowlege not eloquence and Heavenly Father needs all my heart in His work and boy is it ever, Brothers and sisters it is a great joy to be apart of this hastening of the work!   

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