Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This week
My subject for this email is from an old mormon message that I love, it's called "God gave us talents" soo go watch will laugh because of the cheesiness and smile because its true.
Last week was pretty awesome! Mostly because John and Nevada were baptized on Saturday!! Oh it was so delightful...i wouldnt mind filling up a font every saturday! That morning there was a clothes swap in the gym and so we were able to contact a lot of people there and were able to set up some appts. with a family that recently moved in and we have been trying to get ahold of..last name trapp! We Got lunch and then we were able to set up for the baptism! It was so FUN! I learned "brightly beams our fathers mercy" on the piano and practiced it! It started at 4 and they came we took pictures...they had forgotten towels so we helped nevada by handing her a whole bunch of paper towels it was pretty hilarious! Also we didnt have a chorister so it ended up being me haha but i just watched Sigmons hand as she showed me what to do! I dont know why it wasnt just her! haha Our mission president and wife ended up coming and after, the bishop welcomed them, he invited Pres up to speak!...I was sooo excited cause i knew it was going to be awesome! He looks everyone he talks to directly in the eyes so thats exactly what he did and my favorite part was "You thought you two came here for optometry did. But you also found the truth, congratulations!" It was pretty stellar!
We are doing service and working with this family that i really love. Their last name is hansen, the mom is so nice and loves us and will talk to us about everything so we are trying to bring the gospel to them and have them recognize the importance. We have had a couple lessons! 
Today we are having a new member lesson with this really tall guy name dustin who was recently baptized! So that should be exciting! He plays bball at the college! A miracle that we had last week was a lot of refferals so we have been contacting those! i love the Ward that we are in everyone is so kind and fun and awesome! We also have been getting into the homes of the youth and studying out of "Preach My Gospel" It has been a good experience working with them! 
We had dinner sunday night with the Madsen's and their little girl Lucy, she had to run to the bathroom six different times so bro Madsen had to keep getting up from the table and help her...she didnt make it a few times haha It was fun to see them in their element! We ate dinner with a lot of the younger "op" optometry students and its fun cause they are all just so fun and we relate to them..the ward is really diverse and that is what is so amazing about it cause the LAs we work with have no reason to feel out of place everyone is welcoming! The work continues! :)
I love the church and its hilarious to me how true it is esp. when you get those confirmations of the spirit or where it becomes so clear to you!  I love that i can receive my own personal revelation from my Heavenly Father and that we have a Prophet on the earth today that is able to guide and direct us! And the simple wonderful fact that God loves us so much that he continues to speak to us today!

Love Sista Heywood!

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