Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bonjour! Family and Friends how are ya'll?
      As a zone we all went to the beach today....it was pretty miserable but fun! Ran up a mountain and about died and froze and got rained on! Sister Zubicki (from tuscon az) and I went on a little walk because we couldnt hang witht the elders and sisters who went all the way up the mtn to roll or snowboard down it...we did some tracting and ran into a really nice couple that took a picture for us and then asked where we were from and what we were doing "here" and so you know we told them we were missionaries and where we were from, they were from Idaho and so i said "oh so you probably have a lot of mormon friends" and they said Yes! and that they are awesome people and have tried converting them...and i said hey at least they tried! This couple are seventh day adventist...which we have worked with ahhh so similar but not! But they were such nice people and it was fun talking with them! After everyone finally came down the mtn we were all over the place trying to decide what to do! So finally we went to a church building in tillamook and ate our lunches! It was interesting.
   This week was slowww besides the fact that we had the "International night" that turned out amazing and had a lot of people there that weren't members! I did the Mexican skirt dance with the Vega family (mostly just to help guide their girls in their part) they put on the whole thing...they are rock stars! There were so many booths of different places from around the world! It was so fun! One of our potential investigators showed up and brought us the beanies she made for us and then told us to keep inviting her to those things cause she will come and eventually get her husband there (former member) she loves us! (not going to lie) She is like a little southern bell!
  We set up a lesson with a referral that we got from a our bishop about a month ago and she was out of town so we called her to check up on her Sunday night. She has had a lot of family tragedies and is lucky if she gets to see her husband every 3-4 months cause of his job! But after we were done talking i asked if she would have time before she goes out of town again to meet with us and talk more about the church...the answer was yes! Such a sweet lady so hopefully she will be receptive to what we have prepared for her. We are part of the ysa branch forming in december as i have mentioned before so we have been contacting those lists also and it is growing its fun to think that they are all pioneers in the start of this ysa group that will someday be a ward!
  John and Nevada are doing great they are such the sweetest people! I LOVE them to pieces! they are glowing with the gospel and still just soaking eveyrthing in! I wrote them a note on a card that was one of my gifts at my "going away mission shower" it is so cute i keep forgetting to give it to them! haha also we are trying to set up a time with some members to go to the temple with them and walk on the grounds and go into the atrium! On sunday nevada was running all around trying to catch Liam and thats my favorite to see...Liam walked passed us and he just stoppped and stared at us for the longest time..he thought we looked familiar and it was so cute!
  This past week was also zone conference and let me tell you i love them! Being on a mission is so fun...of course it has its ups and downs but what doesn't! Its so fun when all the missionaries get together! I love all the sisters i have met..let me tell you..life long friends! Up in here! anywayzz Zone Confernece in Newberg was bomb learned a lot Pres. Samuelian is so inspired and inspiring! He is totally my mission president and we are all so lucky to have him! (reminds me of my dad) on the way back the GPS took us up this mtn called Bald Peak and no joke we were above the thick fog and the sun was setting and we were in HEAVEN we pulled over on the side to take a picture with sisters Zubiki and Redd following behind us cause we were going to eat dinner together in forest grove at Pizza Schmizza! So yum! Oh also we had a new member lesson with Dustin idk if i talked about this last time but this was the night before zone conf. and we had it at a members home that he lives across the street from the Wrights! The mom served her mission in the Phillipnes and was not doing so good cause her trainer who is phillipino had not been found yet :( but at the international night she told us she was found! And i heard that all the missionaries have been found which is good but still so many were lost! Praying for the people there...good thing life doesn't end after death and we are only here for a short time! Its not as hard to cope with when you have that knowledge and hope! We had Redd and zubiki stay the night and it is loads of craziness when that happens! I cut Redds hair for the second time and we just had lots of joy!   
 So this week we will be tracting for 2 hrs every day! Cause we gotta find the people! Remeber that Joy is eternal and happiness is temporary! Mission life is great always tired happy and fat! Well i hope my email made sense to everyone...it makes sense to me! haha Love you all and hope you have a good week!
"Making friends with mission mortality means accepting slammed doors and canceled appointments, the blazing sun or freezing cold. You just SMILE and say "This is a mission." Your heart won't let you quit or even slow down." 
 Love Sista Heywood! 

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