Monday, June 23, 2014

Hi family and friends! 
It's been an awesome couple weeks! This week was the last week of the 
transfer and "I really hope I stay in Brownsville....I lovee this 
place and the people here!!! But I've been here as long as ever other 
sister that has served in idk. I wanna stay. I wanna 
stay! Please let me stay!:)"---that's what I said last week....AND 
guess what?...the dream team is staying #farnswood ;) we are here 
staying for many reasons! :) 
This last week was super busy and full of amazing of 
them being we had a mini missionary who spent a week with us! Her name 
is Makena Wadsworth..soo sister Wadsworth :) she is from bend,or she 
is 18 graduated from hs just last Saturday! The group of them that 
came out together consisted of 6 girls and 4 boys. Mind you more girls 
then boys...;) go sistas!! Sis Farnsworth and I are super excited to 
have her with us!! She is super awesome super spiritual and super 
beautiful! For the most part all of them are trying to decide whether 
or not they want to go on a mission and to get a weeks taste of it by 
doing everything that we as full time missionaries do :) whooohoo! She 
was such a blessing to us and she honestly did so much for me as a 
missionary...she just brought a different perspective that was 
We had a lesson with bro Charles Thompson and she did a great job of 
helping him recognize the Holy Ghost. It was so awesome because all 
before that we were having a hard time helping him recognize that. We 
had another lesson with him in pioneer park and read where he is at in 
the Book of Mormon...which is mosiah! He wants to be baptized and what 
brother Evans to do it sometime in July the only thing holding him 
back is we are helping him with that. :) we love Charles 
he is so sweet. We love his honesty if he doesn't understand something 
he doesn't and he lets us know if he's been reading and praying and he 
will tell us "how bout not" when we invite him to get ice cream with 
us! Haha he totally shut sis heywood down! It was on me! Who doesn't 
like ice cream? He's crazy! 
Some Miracles that happened this week: 
On Saturday afternoon, real investigators, less actives, recent 
converts, and other members came and the youth taught them missionary 
lessons. The youth here are amazing. So many little miracles happened 
during the conference. Saturday afternoon, we were talking to the 
Stake president in the church hall way and a man walked in the stake 
center. He had earrings in his ears and was dressed really nice. He 
walked past us then turned and said, " this might be a strange 
question, but do you have a Book of Mormon I could have?" The stake 
president offered to go get him one then remembered that we were 
missionaries and asked us, so we gave him one. He said his name was 
Alex and he was just passing through on the way to his friends 
wedding. He was from Wilsonville which is in northern Oregon out of 
our mission. He said he had to go and started to walk out, and I asked 
him why he asked for a Book of Mormon and he said that a long time ago 
his friend gave him one and told him to read a passage and he never 
did. Now he wants to. So I told him to find missionaries after he read 
it, and he thanked us and left. The night before a young family walked 
in the stake center during youth conference looking for help because 
their member friend told them to find a Mormon church. The sprit was 
so strong there with the youth and it was drawing people in. I learned 
so much helping out with the conference...the youth these days don't 
completely know how powerful they are! 
Our district leader elder Lester who is from the Ukraine mission who 
is super awesome and is totally supposed to be here! For example him 
and his companion elder lee knocked on the door of a lady who speaks 
only Russian and when she opened the door and elder Lester realized 
that she spoke Russian he started to talk to her and she started to 
cry! She explained that she needed help setting up her computer and 
could not. Anyways so those same elders gave us a referral. A man who 
was working in the Lebanon Walmart and he lives in Brownsville with 
his family! His name is Patrick and he gave the elders his address! So 
we went Friday night after youth conference with sis Wadsworth! Let me 
tell you I never have been to this part of Brownsville! It was so 
beautiful on the drive up into the mountains/hills! We pull up to the 
gate and just sit in the car and stare at the posted: no trespassing 
sign or we will be prosecuted. But we figured if he was expecting we walked up and just stood at the gate and then Patrick 
started to walk down the hill! He was super nice and we got to know 
him and tried to say bye like 5 times to let them get back to there 
evening they have planned but he just kept talking! We are going to 
teach them this week..hes so prepared. It's hard explain how great 
being a missionary is and how fun it is. After we got in the car to 
drive away I got really close to sis Farnsworth face and said really 
slowly I'm. Not. Getting. transferred. And so it is..I am not! I love 
how many different ways there are to do missionary work. I have felt 
and continue to feel the many reasons I am here. And I love it! I love 
Christs church and his work in which uses imperfect people to help 
move forward! Let's be prayerful in everything we do! The Lord wants a 
say in our lives and if we invite him In he will make things known to 
us that are important to us in his time! I love you all and hope you 
have a wonderful week! Do most of makes you eternally happy! 
Love sister heywood! 

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