Tuesday, July 1, 2014

 Hi hi hi hi!
> This week has been awful oh my goodness I just hate being a
> missionary! Just wanted to get your attention.... It's been
> wonderfully wonderful, expect miracles!!
> To start off we had an hr till dinner out in Halsey at the Haskins and
> so we decided to do some finding and we found an older lady named
> Linda and a family that has really good friends in the church and it
> was interesting that he continued to stand outside and talk to us even
> though they were on there way out to go to there daughters softball
> game. We are planning on following up with them this week!
> We had Indian fried bread at the Evans home Wednesday night..let me
> tell you that was a miracle ;) haha (I've never told y'all about
> them?but there from snowflake,az) they are friends with Charles and
> invited him also! The even cooler miracle is that we had our planned
> lesson after dinner and Charles set a BAPTISM DATE for July 22nd and
> tomorrow July 1st he is quilting cold turkey..coffee and smoking. We
> have been meeting with a lot and it's interesting to me that during my
> mission to see that people are slaves to these substances...like they
> have to have them or life will not go on. And to see the difference
> between people and there healthy who do and do not. There is reason
> god gives us these commandments.
> We were able to teach this sweet sweet lady named Joni we have been
> trying to catch her for quite some time now. She was on her way out to
> see her dad. We sat on her porch and she lives in one of the oldest
> historical houses in Brownsville. And she collects tons of antiques.
> She had so many questions and has always been curious about the
> "Mormon" religion! It was not in the order that we would of liked to
> explain things but by the end she said said "how about we start from
> the beginning" and we were like yess haha she is so bubbly and
> hilarious! She was telling us all kinds of stories one of them being
> when she crashed her car because she was texting and driving and she
> was really embarrassed to say it and so I started to say it so she put
> the restoration pamphlet up to my mouth and was laughing "shh don't
> say it don't say it" and I couldn't stop laughing!!! She is so cute!
> She is about in her late 50's early 60's. We are going back this week!
> We had the branch talent show and camp out in pioneer park and it was
> so much fun it was a good turn out and people that we invited that
> showed up! The talent show was hilarious and there is literally so
> much talent in the branch!!! I have some pictures at the bottom! AND I
> did my back hand springs for everyone...I still got it!! Everyone was
> amazed...and I'm really sore now!
> We Are meeting Charles 3 times a week now to really help and support
> him. We went saturday afternoon and before we got there he said he had
> been reading for 3 hrs and he was in alma 45!
> This is when he told us he was going to quit. And it was so sweet as I
> bore my testimony at the end of the Book of Mormon, Joseph smiths and
> the Savior. Charles said the closing prayer and I started to cry and
> it was weird cause I never cry and I couldn't hold them back. After he
> asked why I was crying and I told him it's because I'm happy for him.
> Pray for him :)
> Yesterday we were able to meet with Wayne and Mary ough! Wayne is a
> member (I've talked about him) and Mary his wife is a baptist and she
> has been listening to the lessons and has began to pray about the Book
> of Mormon. She has a strong belief in Jesus Christ and has that
> foundation. We have told her we that we are not asking her to
> disregard all of that but to add to it. Which a lot of people think
> it's that way, that we are trying to tear down all that they have
> every known and learn something completely new. They are soo sweet and
> have had us over the past 2 Sundays for lunch.
> We got to meet and read out of the Book of Mormon with Kathy! She is
> one of my really good friends even though she is in her 60's! On your
> mission you gain so many friends of all ages:) her dad recently passed
> away and she has been having a rough time. She has us call her an hr
> before church to motivate her to get there. Satan works really hard on
> her because she is a phenomenal woman!
> We were able to have a lesson and dinner with the Ragles! We LOVE the
> ragles!!! They are so super sweet! They recently have come back to
> church and have loved it and have really felt welcome. They accepted
> to take the lessons by invitation of president Glenn. Both of them
> felt really judged in there wards growing up. They also talked about
> how they were taught incorrect doctorine growing up? The spirit was
> strong and we know that we will really help them by teaching them the
> lessons. Adam and Mary are very open and share how there experiences
> have been in and out of the church. They have felt the spirit more in
> there lives as they have come back. Adam said he always stayed true to
> the word of wisdom even when he wasn't active. They told us that each
> time they have come to church the lessons taught have been really
> relevant to what they needed to hear. They recently have gotten
> callings!
> I told you about Patrick and family last week and they have a super
> crazy work schedule at Walmart! Him and his wife both work there and
> so today when we did our pday shopping he came up to us and said hey
> strangers! and so we set up a time for Wednesday at 4! He is so
> awesome! Really excited to teach them!:)
> I love being on a mission and doing this fun work it is not easy at
> times, but it is soo worth it!!!
> Love sister heywood!

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