Monday, September 2, 2013

Dear Family and Friends


    Hello Hello! we were not able to email till today cause they had a software update something or other so the library was closed monday! As long as i get to email this week, im good haha It has been another great week! It is hard to be out here and when great things are happening i just want to call ya'll up (esp. my dad) and tell you about the work cause i hate emailing and it stresses me out! haha So you might not get all the details...sorry bout it! Just know im working hard and things are happening!


   Yesterday we had mission tour which only happens once a year and we had the privilege to have Elder Richards and his wife of the seventy come and speak to us along with our great mission president and wife, they hit us across the face with the spirit and learned a lot of simple truths that i think everyone was needing to hear. We then had lunch after for sitting for 4 hours on our behinds and it was great the members are so loving when they feed us at these misson conferences. Sis reeder who is in my district from texas...just think of my favorite red head Sydney (heywood) Kent and thats i feel at home when we get together haha cause we laugh the whole time like paige and i would or us and the cousins! So long story short she was like alright wheres the dessert cause basically as a missionary no one really feeds you without a dessert at the end......and i turn and see the little boy that was there assisting his mom pass out these double choco chip ice cream sandwhiches and i point and say "there you go sister reeder" it was pretty darn funny and her response was "ask and ye shall recieve" hahaha if your not laughing guess you had to be there! But its fun to laugh and we do that a lot out here, you kind of need to! I love being a missionary and that i have the opportunity to be apart of the Lords work! "missionary fun" :)

   Then we had a sister meeting with Sis richards and Sis samuelian and it is a great power and spirit to be around all these wonderful sisters and the many wonderful people i get to meet, I get to see Sis Paskett from the mtc and she always gives me a hug! She always bends down for us short people and gives a under the arms hug even though shes 6'4" haha i love her! After people were chosen to have a interview. Elder Richards and I were one of them and i felt very blessed to have that opportunity to speak with him he asked me about my family and i started crying and said "sorry i dont know why im crying" he said "i do because you love them"  and we talked about Cody and i cried even more haha but we talked about how it is very special to have someone with disabiltiess in the home because they bring a spirit that is heaven sent! Oh i just love my older brother Cody and miss him a lot! He is my favorite older brother..besides my savior Jesus Christ! I love this Gospel there is no other way and it brings me so much happiness.

 We had our district meeting last friday and talked about opening our mouths and delaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we read a lot of scripture out of D&C and there was one i like in particular that i would like to share..its D&C 24:12....alright did you read it?! great. So then one of the elders in our district Elder Walker who by the way has lived in 24 countries in his 18 years..talked about how a trumpet holds the melody and the presence and the sound of it is like the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the "presence" of the unique message we have to share with all around us. That unique message we have is that Joseph Smith did in fact see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ and we learned many truths through that miraculous event it is the 2nd most important thing that has happened besided Christ taking upon himself the sins of the world so that we are able to return and live again with our Heavenly Father through some important steps we must take into consideration with real intent and continually "endure to the end" and more than that but enjoy to the end! We are able to once a week to get on or and find and study things that will help us with our Friends (D&C 84:77) and it is not something that is mandatory but the church has amazing videos and talks from apostles and prophets to read and that really could be put to great use!! Technology is great! I was able to come across a video about of course missionary work and really loved something that was said by an elder "there is no trial and no hole to deep in anyones heart that cant be mended by the grace of Jesus Christ" Im running out of time but i want you all to know that is so true and i testify of it that he not only took on the sins of the world but the pain and sorrow we all feel there is NOTHING that we cant go to Him with and strive to be perfected through Him.


 -Love always and Forever Sister Heywood

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