Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hey Friends and Family!
That i love so dearly! i feel like i say the same thing every week but its true i really do love anyone who's reading this cause it means you love me...right?!...hopefully;) This week has been a good one and again its going by too fast, it is beyond me! I got a haircut this week and got like 3 inches off i think it was needed it had been awhile! Okay and it just hit me that all my friends are having babies or had and its like a baby boom in Az..whats new? right! Oh i love it i cant wait to get home and see them but i can if that makes sense! I love it here and the people we are working with..with all my heart!
Okay so after much confusion Jon went back and forth with where he is wanting to live so he was going to passed to the elders sadly but now that is not the case he loves it here and forest grove so much he is trying his best to find a place here cause he loves the people he loves the ward and friends he has made! His baptism has been pushed back a week cause a lot is going on this saturday like ward day of service, child of record baptisms and the dance festival kick off! We went to the temple tuesday and it was so good to be there and Jon loved it the Sister missionaries in the visitors center are angels. The one that was with us has been out as long as me! The temple and V.C. bring me so much happiness and Jon didnt want to leave we were all just soaking it all in..you really do forget about all your cares and worries, so much peace on the temple grounds and we are so blessed we are able to use it for our friends!
We had our lesson with the Sweeney's they are the ones who have been coming to church a few times now and they are awesome they have a cute little boy and are friends with a lot of the members. We talked mostly about the book of mormon which was awesome cause they have already started reading it! We are excited to meet with them again this week and they are excited also! They LOVE how family oriented we are and how different people from the congregation get up to give talks or share testimonies! I struggled to know my purpose before meeting with them cause they have been so awesomely fellowshipped by the members of the ward for so long, but i learned it while sitting in there teaching and listening to them. i love learning especially when i need to learn and be humbled which Sister heywood needs most of the time. haha.
We had our lesson with the "brothers" thats what we call them cause they are! You will be glad to know that it went so much better than last week. The spirit was more present and we had another member come with us and i testify that members are so vital in the Lords work. I have learned that we the missionaries dont need to do it alone cause sometimes we feel we can but its not easy. The real teacher is the spirit and if that is not present then nothing is being taught. It is so important so i ask all who are reading this to join in on the Lords work and be part of the hastening of it cause your knowledge and testimony of the Gospel need to be heard! As members and missionaries we are in this together and "if ye are not one ye are not mine" found in D&C 38:27 I love you all and pray for you daily and hope that you all have a good week! I love the work.

 Love always and Forever Sister Heywood!

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