Friday, September 13, 2013

Hola! Family and Friends!

  Time out here is quite interesting and goes by really fast! Like it blows my mind. This week has not been the easiest..not going to lie, but I will be ok..I'm a Heywood and am blessed with so much and miracles still happen even if Sister Heywood is being a poopy head. The work goes on with or without me and I want to be a part of I am with it!
We are still teaching our good friend Jon, great guy. He is just so receptive to the Gospel and a very humble guy, might be moving to Hillsboro soon and for the time being, the collins family has kindly taken him in till that happens and has been helping answer questions and help him search for a home and other great things. His date to be baptized is coming up so we have a lot to go over this next couple weeks which will be exciting! I love to teach, im not perfect at it but the Gospel is and i try my best.

So we have this couple i dont know if ive mentioned them before but their names are John and Nevada they have a little boy named Liam..and they are so cute! They have been coming to church the past 3 weeks and Nevada comes to the relief society activities and they went to the ward camp out, john plays bball at the stake center with the men and are about the same age as the most of the optometry students here and so they are friends with all of them and get invited to everything basically, like a barbeque they had in the park they invited us to and they were there! They have obviously been interested in the church and are pretty much members ;) haha well finally the members that we love that were going to ask them to take the lesson did and we are meeting with them this excited!!! I just love them and they dont even know it..kinda creepy huh? haha

This past week school started for forest grove high and so we went to support rachel the girl i talked about a few emails ago and she sang the national anthem at their back to school assembly! Their hs is like out of a movie and was huge, their gym was 2 story! We saw a lot of kids from the ward and saw this girl hayley who we had talked to in the goodwill store, like a few days before that, when we had been helping jon find clothes for church and she had been asking us questions about modesty and is a super sweet girl!

We had a district meeting friday morn and have a whole new district cause of transfers! They are all awesome missionaries! We have a senior couple who meets with us Elder and sister Scott and they have been out maybe like 3 weeks..we love them haha! She was an arts teacher or something so she was really theatrical and explaining to us the frustration she was having being a missionary sometimes..and we let them know they are not alone and it was just a sweet moment to let them know that every missionary feels this way and i could tell they really appreciated it! I wish you could just meet them! And its not that all missionaries have felt like they're wasting time or frustrated and cant find someone to talk to about the Gospel but that Christ has been there before and He knows exactly how we are feeling. He rejoices when we are happy and is sad when we feel sad. "He has been there before" just like the poem says that the harpers sent me!

So i know i have talked about the seventh day brothers...Daniel, Emmanuel and Louis oh my goodness do they know their bible they can run circles around us with scripture. We met with them last night, it had been a couple weeks and last time we went first reading out of the book of mormon 3 nephi 11 and they really loved it and so we told them they could go first reading out of the bible whatever they wanted to share with us and of course daniel picked daniel and so basically they took up most of the time but as they did it, we compared it to the book of mormon so we could help them see more truth.They have been reading the book of mormon and say they are searching for the truth soooooo im trying to be patient, its really hard but we love meeting with them, last night i was super angry....i know i know..i should have not been but it was mostly on what direction to go with them! So i just keep reminding myself about brigham young and how he took two years to read the book and convert to the church. But sis sigmon and i will come back to see them be baptized if it doesnt happen while we are here and slap them upside of the head with a book of mormon or bible we cant decide ;) We will continue to plan and teach with the spirit cause it is vital!

Well sorry this is shorter and i dont have very good punctuation but i think its more fun that way! haha I hope you all are doing good! and have a great week!

 Love always and forever Sister Heywood! {peace and blessings}

 p.s. i had one of those spiritual highs this week and the moment was so clear where i was just like...ugh the book of mormon is the word of God and because of this, Joseph Smith is true and Thomas Monson too! i cant explain it but ya know what i mean!

 p.s. we are having dinner tomorrow night with the madsens the dad (roman Madsen) is/was really good friends with Sheldon and i know his sister marissa anyway its just a really small world.

 p.s. we are going to the visitors center tomorrow with jon and a member who is driving us! So excited!

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