Monday, December 2, 2013

Helloo people that read my emails!
   To start off this email i'm going to talk about whats happening right about NOW! So transfers are here and Sister Sigmon is leaving good old Forest Grove and right now my temp. companion is Sister Bent the one who sings the fun remake of the cup song! I posted her on my facebook. So i wont know till 3pm who my next victim is...i really will miss Sigmon we have had some great wonderful times together and she really showed me the way! Its all part of the mission experience and its pretty exciting/butterflies in my stomach feelings! 
  This week we tracked a lot and it was pretty successful found some Less active members we didn't know about....for ex. a guy named Rolls Halls who said he is a "jack mormon" cause he likes his white choco mocha but i said that doesnt mean you cant come to church! And he agreed and asked where and when we meet and said him and his wife have actually been wanting to go to a church so its cool that we ran into him! 
 We are starting to teach a family there last name is Trapp and they have 8 kids and the oldest is 8! So ya we love them, just lots of fun!
   The most exciting thing to me this week was that we taught gospel principles and it was on MISSONARY WORK and also taught the laurels in young women's and they both went really well and it was fun!! im such a dork. 
  John and Nevada are speaking in stake conference and John is getting the priesthood this week and it was so happy to sustain him for that! It was a good spirit! 
  This week we did something fun we went around randomly and asked people what they were thankful for and recorded them we got a lot of funny responses and i was fun to stop people and make them think about what they were thankful for! We are going to put them together in time! 
 Anyways i hope that yall have a good week and have a yummy fun thanksgiving! We have like 4 different options for thanksgiving so we are taken care of! 
Love Sista Heywood! xoxo

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