Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
        I am too excited right now i dont know how to express it over email...haha maybe ill send a picture of my face so you will know the happiness i am trying to contain!!!
        Yesterday was super eventful and so much fun...we had to be in newberg by 10am to learn more about online proselyting, which we found out sunday night around 9pm and so change of plans! Then we ate lunch with the other elders and sisters therer and then we did a little but of goodwill shoppin and then i had to be back for the choir practice at 1:30 for the performance that night! Then our zone conference started at 3 and it was amazing! They always are! It was the best cause all of President and Sis Samuelians grandkids were there and they all are so stinkin cute!! Then we ate dinner together and it was super yummy..we sat by our zone leader, district leader and Me and sis Davis's old comps!! It was tooo much fun! We always sing a song to the cooks after:
        "We have been born as Nephi of old to goodly parents who love the Lord and on this day we thank you a BUNCH (jump) for fixing us this fantastic lunch! We are as the army of Helaman and when are missions are through will thank the Lord for all who have helped us especially people like you.. your Christlike love has shown through!"
        Then all the seperate zones had barely 10 min to put together a skit and i gotta say ours was the funniest and when elder ramsell, sis davis and i went up for our part we had the most laughs...it was all improve! Super funny! Cant stop laughing!! Anyways then Prez and Sis Samuelian got up and did the "twelve days of christmas" and tied it into the mission! Like "1 tiwi card esp for me!"  "2 elders tracting"  " 5 singing aps" (ap= assitant to president) it was pretty clever! Then they surprised us with santa..also known as Pres. Lewis one of the counselors! haha And then they gave us all shirts with our mission logos on them! So sweet! Then by that time it was 7, the program started and it was so so wonderful...we have some wicked talent inside this mission!!! No joke! A lot of people came..really great turn out! It was the missions 3rd one and im pretty sure it was the best! It was fun to be part of the choir..i think i owe that to my dad...of all those sunday mornings he "dragged" us to practice..or its just cause i like to sing! And i think its the best way to get to know people and other missionaries! :) So many wonderful people! It was such an eventful fun exhausting day! I want to do it all over again kinda...i haden't laughed in that long either esp during the skits...my cheeks hurt! haha
        The work is going great!!!....this is the best decision ive ever made and my favorite thing is being in the right place at the right time and not knowing it until something wonderful has happened! Even if its so small and you dont know what the outcome will be! Merry Christmas and hope you all are happy and have fun and remember what this time is truely about!

  Love sister heywood!

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