Friday, January 10, 2014

Hey whats up its Sister Heywooood! :)
    How was your christmas?? I hope that it was wonderful because mine was! I got to skype and talk to my wonderful family and it was fun to be goofy with them and it seemed as if i was right there in the room with them! But i dont miss that wierd!? Doesnt mean i dont love them..there is just no place id rather be! I heard my Beautiful 8 yr. old sister was baptized this past saturday and that a very good friend of mine Bethany was also baptized! I love you bethany and am so happy for you! I hope i can see pics of that wonderful event soon! So we had the most fantastic Christmas eve and Christmas day with famalies that invited us to be with them on very special days! On the eve of Christmas we spent some time helping sister belden wrap over 200 presents and it had been our second time going over to help and then we spent time with the Sorensons making gingerbread houses and eating home made pizza and holding there pet rats, taking pictures, opening presents and talkin about our Savior! It was a fun time and im grateful we were able to be part of there traditions that we do each year and letting us be part of that means a lot! We skyped and ate at the stoddards on Christmas day and when we sat down to eat the grandkids thought it would be funny to pick ME to be the one that gets the fart machine under them and not to mention i couldnt hear it for about 5 min. as it was loud in there and i defs wasnt going to hear it over my talking haha and everyone was just staring and laughing and couldnt figure it out! I thought something had been on my face and i was so confused and embarrassed!!! I finally heard it and said.."oh sister davis should be used to hearing that from me!" ;) JK 
    This transfer has gone by really fast and its super wierd! Sis rice is back and ive missed her but she deserve a break from her busy life! And we are meeting with wonderful people not to mention we had 4 investigators at Church yesterday and A Less active member named Rebecca that we have been meeting with for a long time!(its a big deal) I just love all of them! And Sis Davis also got hit by the bug when we came in sat for lunch but still gave a talk the next day at church she is a trooper!!!! I might be transfered just because i have been here awhile it will be sad because i love this place so much and the people are wonderful! Its been a really good week and this one will be too! Wonderful things are happening! I hope you all have a safe New Year! Love yaa

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