Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hi hi hi! 
   Well to start off...i cant believe its been 6 weeks and Sis Chappell and i are super happy about transfers that occurred this past Saturday because we are staying in Brownsville...together! haha We new each other in the pre-existence...its fine! 

  This week was great kinda slow but still good!! Went to the Portland Temple visitors center with Shawna and Bro Carr brought his granddaughter Felicia who is not a member! It was so fun! You know that feeling when you go to the temple and you NEVER want to leave. Especially when we don't get to go as much as you normally would off of a mission! bah.i love it! It was really good for Shawna the spirit was really strong and the visitor center sisters were super wonderful! Made me think of my good friend Sister Summer Allen in the St. George VC. They are so good at what they do there! :) 

   ZTM was this week! {Zone training meeting} it was pretty great it was on valentines day and i got my package from my Grandma Julie right on V-day for some reason our Zone leaders had our mail and had been holding on to it for a long time! haha Well a long time in a missionaries mind but i forgot half the time. was perfect cause i got it on the perfect day! haha Thank you Grandma Julie and Uncle Timmy! ;) Ztm was really long we sat there for 4 hours straight without any break! Longer than a church was really funny to look back on it and realize how long we sat there for but i didnt want to get up and miss anything because it was really good and exactly what we needed to hear as a zone! We have some inspired ZL' who went home today (elder tandy-trammell) and Elder Mcmullin who's dad actually went to Hs with my dad! We reported to the mtc at the same time! Its cool to see that he has the opportunity to serve as a zone leader! 

  Sunday..yesterday was soo good! Since it didn't happen last week because of the snow, it was good to be back! I just love the members here!(and missionaries need church!) They are all so sweet! They have been signing up for the 40 day fast that starts this tues.! And our bml= branch mission leader is so great! He is so pumped about the work and is really helping the work move forward in this area. His enthusiasm is inspiring and his wife is the sweetest they take good care of us making sure we are never going without!..we feel like there kids!!:) 

    Not a ton of teaching this week but not every week is perfect! We were just at the Isaksens (bml) doing laundry and he had us read this long story that the stake president emailed him and asked us to read it and it was super inspiring and gave us some very good pointers of things we can be doing better and things we can add to the already great things we are doing! So i am excited to be here another transfer and to be part of this work! I am so happy to be here and it is what i am doing that makes me so happy. I love the Gospel..its better than finding a 100 dollar bill on the ground! way. 

  Love you all! Love Sister Heywood! :) xoxo

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