Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

    Its been a winter wonderland here in know what happens when it snows!? Alll the Oregonians go crazy and cancel church and school! But that hasen't stopped these two missionaries! We have been walking everywhere since thursday! It is super nice i love getting my warm clothes on and cute scarfs that i havent really worn and do the Lords work! :) While we walk around, I for some reason love to break the icicles off of everything...i just love it, idk why! haha We had some pretty great things happen this week. Some interesting things also. Only in Oregon. :)

    Leah and Bonnie! We went over to there home for a visit and they had us for dinner too, it was such an amazing time. We sat and visited with Bonnie while Leah finished dinner, she wouldn't let us help. She just said to make ourselves feel at home. After awhile Leah came in and sat down with us and I found out she moved to Mesa az for her senior year and went to the old Mesa high. She was the last graduating class before the fire. I asked if she remembered my grandpa who was the track coach and drivers ed teacher but she didn't recall. We talked about different places in about red mtn, superstition springs inn?, main st. She lived not to far from the temple.She then had us come see her room and upstairs it was her sanctuary she had her library and everything was decorated so beautifully and quaint I didn't know how to describe it...even the bathroom. I was Drooling over it and that says something cause it was JUST the bathroom..the rest of the house was wonderful! I was taking pictures in my brain so I can remember the colors and style to decorate my own home someday! Haha She then had us play on her piano I guess I should have said this early but her and Bonnie are Episcopalian and she plays the piano in her church she is AMAZING she has arranged and adds in her own spice into other songs! And they sing together. So first I played brightly beams our fathers mercy and totally butchered it haha sis Chappell can play a lot better then me so she played some hymns we were being silly and played stuff like "Joseph's smith first prayer"  while they were in the other room. But then we played some hymns we both know and as I was singing  Leah came in and started to sing with me and as she sang harmony because I only sing was wonderful and I really love music! Then dinner was ready and we sat down to eat I said the prayer and she had made this wonderful soup for us and cornbread biscuits. We had such a fun time conversing I think...I can't remember everything said but I will tell about the few I thought were really significant:
    First of, my Grandpa Heywood passed away a year ago on Feb.5th (im putting this all together now) And we were at Leah & Bonnies the night before on the 4th! I dont think just happened, it was for a reason:) i love my Grandpa Heywood and miss him dearly! For my family who is reading this we have him to thank for the tradition of FHE and how close we all are! My favorite memory of him was when he would say the prayer at family nights and it was as if he was speaking right to Heavenly Father in the room or park or wherever we were. The cousins and i would always giggle but it was an example to me of how to speak to our Father in heaven. He is our friend and He would much rather have us speak to him like that then in a repetative way. I miss giving him kisses and hugs! I feel my grandparents out here on the mission and it helps me to keep going at times:)

   Leah and Bonnie were so nice and said that we are always welcome and that we are like daughters to them. Which meant a lot and we talked a lot about the difference betweeen our churches and the association she had with members growing up...some of them not so good! It made sis Chappell and i think about how different it would be for leah if she had better association with members of the church. It makes me think how important it is to be an example and to be Christlike to everyone around us because you never know what it will affect. We were able to clear up a lot of things for her and explain the Restoration of Gospel and even though she is happy to be where she is at, she expressed how she is not oppossed to furthering her knowledge. It was interesting how as she talked about the things that her church is lacking at this time. We talked about what our church is doing at this time when the world is going down hill. Esp. with the youth and the "Come Follow Me" program. I have heard of some statistics that the church had come up with im not sure of the details but essentially it talks about how many people would get baptized if they knew the full blessings of the Gospel and what the church provides....right?! What if they knew. Thats why it is our job collectively. The Holy Ghost was there that night and thats always the best feeling.

   It started to snow Wed night and we were at Sis Robins and we made some cookies from scratch!! ;) She wanted us to do this with her cause she wanted to be part of the work in her own way, which was awesome! So we were able to take some yummmy cookies and it was an easier way of getting into doors haha! It is also good to be oer there cause her daughter who is la lives next door to her...we have been able to meet there family and she said she would pay me to come cut her boys hair and of course i said yes but that it would be a service! Im excited to get in the homes of those who have lost the way a little bit with my hair cutting skills :)

    Thursday we had our district meeting and it was really snowwy but it was powder so it was pretty safe! We had an appt. at Les Schwab for our alignment and so the sweet home sisters picked us up and drove us to the church! We had awesome tech training meeting from our ZL and the Tech elders for our was much needed. After we go to pick up our car and we pull into the lot and our car is in the same spot and had snow and icicles all over it and we walk in and our keys were in the same spot they were when we left not only that but right on the front desk where anyone can pick them up and take our car haha Cant miss them....huge Oregon duck lanyard! haha We were able to get some things done in the mean time and when we got back to B-ville we did some service for a potential. And then we had dinner with Shawna and Skip! And then a lesson! Then we were able to go see Gina a LA who loves to have us over....i love her! Anyways you all are probably bored...i feel like im rambling.

  We were able to finally get into another La Kathy Norris! She is so sweet and has been through so much. We brought her some cookies and the cool thing about it was that we walked all the way there! She addressed some concerns...which was really cool. She talked about how she wasnt sure if it was fair to the members that she was going to church and didnt have a strong testimony of everything! And of course we explained to her that she is not the only one...not only that! There isn't one person that doesnt have to always be strengething there testimony of each aspect of the Gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a Gospel of change. I told her that Heavenly Father is happy she is there and that is what its about, not the members. She also expressed that she loves the people.This moment is the highlight of my week. It was perfect and the Lords hand was definitley in it! We asked her if she wanted to have the lessons and that we could help her learn more of the basics and she agreed :) I love her. 
   Elliot and Olivia are not progressing too much but i told them that i would quit these 3 things if they quit smoking (weening ourselves off) 1. Eating chocolate everyday 2. Popping my knuckles and everthing i pop in my body haha 3. Picking at my face. And they thought that was really cool. So i have been working on it,,,it hasen't been easy! But Im excited to do this with them! I got the idea from my dad when he quit drinking pepsi with his mom quiting smoking! 
    Since church was canceld, as a district we had our own little meeting via conference call! haha it was fun..i said the prayer, there were talks and i bore my testimony, its wierd how you can have the Holy Ghost testify to you during a conf,.call. It was awesome. I love my district.

    There are many other wonderful things that happened this week but dont have time to talk about it all! haha but i love you all! Im so happy to have a knowledge of the restored gospel. Im so blessed. I love life and im thankful for all the members in this branch. They have been so sweet and thoughtful during this snowy time and making sure that we are taken care of! "All is well, All is well!"

Love love love Siesta Heywood! Happy 7 months to me! haha The sweet home sisters just reminded me!
p.s. I also scheduled our mission prez to speak to the branch Easter Sunday, April 20th! i hope i am here for it! Transfers are this saturday, We think we are both staying! :) Cross your fingers!

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