Monday, March 3, 2014

Hello!! Happy Monday to everyone!

It's funny cause you know how people usually don't like Mondays...well
missionaries love them! Mondays are a positive thing to us...not that
the rest of the weeks not, but it's preparation day...kinda self
explanatory! Haha
This week was really awesome! I was sick ish at the beginning and so
sister Chappell gave me some NyQuil and I don't take medicine...ever.
So I was out for awhile Tuesday morning and we still went out that
afternoon and was funny cause we did a lot of things we
wouldn't usually do and we did while I was sick sis Chappell kinda
drug me around hah but I was ok with it! I had a horrible headache and
I don't get those either! Missionary beds are super comfy let me tell
I have told you all about the 40 day is so wonderful and
the members have been having wonderful experiences with fasting and
taking really seriously. They are having missionary opportunities and
inviting there friends! It's fun sis Chappell and I explain it kinda
like were coaching people how to do missionary work...I love it and
the members are catching on to the hastening of the work! It's really
something that needs to be caught and understood! Yesterday at
testimony meeting we asked some of the members previously to bare
testimony if they were comfortable, with the experiences they have had
this week and they did and it was RAD! All of our branch missionaries
got up and many more almost every testimony was about the 40 day fast
and the effect it is having on them!
Remember the success is in the invite, that is what our Father in
heaven is asking of us! I'm so grateful to be out here on a mission
and to be growing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and learning of my
Something really cool about these iPads is we can send each other
referrals as missionaries and so we got one from sis Matheny and
thelin. It was a lady name rose that they met in there area when they
were over at her sisters house and so we went to visit her turns out
she is a member and has a son named hunter and she is SUPER nice and
let's us in and we invited her to take the lessons and she said a kind
no but said she would come to church! They have been wanting to branch
out and meet new people and so what better way then to go to church
and get her son into scouts! I know they will reactivate! She
expressed to us that she feels like she is down here _ and her friends
are up here - and I told her that if she knew the support that the
church would be for her and the blessing it would be to her and hunter
she wouldn't feel that way! It was a pretty cool promise..she really
seemed to understand that.
Sunday morning as I was doing my morning studies I had a overwhelming
feeling of gratefulness to be apart of the restored gospel and that I
have a eternal perspective of knowledge that gets me through the not
so easy times! And to be so very thankful to be part of it in the
wonderful times! I'm so thankful for a living prophet and that we
don't have to question things of the world cause we have someone
leading and guiding us under the direction of our loving Heavenly

Love sister heywood..forever and always! Xoxo

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