Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm so grateful to be a missionary. It's so fun!

> I LOVE Brownsville Oregon! I love the people. I love being sister
> heywood. I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ with all my heart.
> They are so great to me! I love being their daughter and sister. How blessed
am I! How blessed are we!
> Okay so I don't have much time cause it's been a very eventful pday!
> We had the elders and sweet home sisters come to Brownsville so we can show
them around cause no one ever gets to see how cool B-ville is!!
> It was really fun! We went to the awesome park and played "horse" we walked
all up and down main st., went to dart mart aka "dairy fart"
> .....took some cool pictures and got good exercise walking around! Our
> district is fun.
>  This week was awesome had lots of great things happen! It didn't
> really show up in our numbres and that's not what it's about so it's
> fine! We have a lot going on this week lots of cool appts and we find
> out about transfers this Saturday...we are figuring sister Chappell will leave
cause she has been here for 6 months...but you never know!
> I trust the lord so it's all good.

> Sunday was branch conference and it was the BOMB DOT COM! Sis Chappell and I
sang in the choir and we sounded really good not gunna lie! It was so fun! We
had lots of people that haven't been to church in awhile and that makes
missionaries so happy! Ahhh:) it makes my day! Ahhhh so many more things
happened but no time...we went with Gina to get her patriarchal blessing and it
was such a cool experience! She is la and the blessing talked a lot about temple
work and genealogy but she is just so interesting and will need some time to
understand the importance of it all! We love her so much haha she makes me laugh
so hard! It's just so fun to follow the spirit and
> visit certain people and things happen and esp. cause it's a small
>'s not always easy..right? Duh. We are persistent but we
> don't want to bug people too much haha anyways the mission is great
> and I'm so happy.
> Love love love sister heywood! I love you all! Life's good!

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