Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hey Hey Hello! 
     This week has been miraculous! Full of wonderful miracles...results from the faith and sacrifice of the members and there participation in the 40 day fast! Its oh so wonderful. 
     Something that the Stake YW president has asked Sis Chappell and I to do is go around to each ward with them for there Ward Conferences and talk to the YW with them! It has been a cool expereince, we have done it 3 times now! They love us and i just LOVE the youth of this church especially the ones that have caught the vision of being the "Hasteners of the work of salvation" They are so prepared and have no fear. During these ward conference i have heard the stake president, Pres. Carlile talk about and again during this weekends stake conference is "Things will get better as we do missionary work" and "The way to save ourselves is to hasten the works of salvation" and i really love that and testify that it is true because i have seen it through the families in this area! 
      Particularly Olivia and Elliot they have signed up multiple times for the 40 day fast and they met someone last week named Taylor! They have taken him in and know that he is an answer to there prayers and what they had been fasting for! We were able to teach him last night randomly we didnt know he was going to be over at there house. We were able to teach about the restoration of the Gospel...we kinda snuck it in there, if you will! haha And for the first time on my mission i was able to recite the first vision. The spirit was really strong. There family is perfect for Taylor and you know whats even cooler is that its helping there family at the same time!! There is just something about each of them being able to testify even though Olivia is excommunicated and Elliot is not baptized. They are just so powerful and also Olivia's kids Chandlyer, Julian, and Audry I know that through this experience they will remain stronger! Taylor commited to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it and coming to church, he said the closing prayer and....it...was...so...GREAT! 
       We finally had a lesson with a LA name Jerry that we have had the hardest time setting up with cause of him and his girlfriends schedules! Bro and Sis Haskins are there nieghbors and set it up and we had it there home! Other peoples schedules is such a barrier! haha I had met Monica his girlfriend about 3 different times..the other day we stopped by and she was home! #muracle She works night and sleeps days and never knows when her day off is! beh! She was putting away groceries and she has this cute little puppy and we offered to take it on a walk haha!! Sidenote: i have this even greater love for animals now because we are asked not to hold kids or babies! Its so hard! haha So i hold kittens and puppies! And then i have dreams that im holding a precious baby, wake up and realize its not real!! haha Its so lame! Maybe its because all my friends are having babies haha Im so excited to be a mom someday...keyword: someday! Ok so that was a crazy tangent!  As we took this dog for a walk around the block there was this lady sitting inside her house and came all the way out to us and was obsessing over the dog and saying how cute it was! haha She was super nice! We told her who we were and what we were doing haha soo random and then we talked a couple seconds longer and she rushed in. I was going to ask her if they went to a church, but didn't! So after the lesson sunday night (with jerry) we walked over there even though sister chappell was trying to talk me out of it, cause she doesnt like the "old way" of missionary work! She likes when i push her to do these things after the fact but not during! haha Anyway i said dont worry i will talk! She opened the door and said "Oh the people from the other day walking the dog!!" haha It was funny! And i apologized for walking away the other day and asked if they went to a church and then if we could share a message with there family sometime! She said weekends worked best! She also said that our message may not be well received by her son! Its worth a try! 
       Also after a couple legit pmg teaching appts sis chappell gave me such the nicest compliment! I had been telling her that i'm not a very good teacher and after she said "Who told you your not a good teacher!?" and i said.."umm noone! haha" and she said "Okay stop telling yourself that! You are a great teacher! You were better then me in there!" (which i did not agree with) It was so sweet and made me feel a lot better about myself! haha Im happy to know this! One of my love languages is definitely "words of affirmation"  
       Ok so there is this awesome member family named the Meyrs! Oh there so cool! And the other week during an exchange we had dinner with them and his name is Mike Rossiter i told y'all about him and his Elk Tazing story! Anyway he lives in Sweet Home and i felt prompted to text the meyrs to tell mike that we have been trying to get a hold of him and ask if they could send the Sweet home sistas! And he said YES and they have been over there a couple times and invited him to stake conference yesterday and committed him to reading the Book of Mormon and Brother Meyr was there at the lesson! So sweeeeet! I feel part of it even though we arent teaching! 
       Also last week i forgot to tell you all that a lady in my last area, Dorothe Jangala! Remember her?! She was baptized!!! She tagged me in her post about it on Facebook! You could tell that she was finally so ready and that it was the right time for her! It was her birthday too! Its funny all the sisters that she tagged in it that have taught her, i think she was missing a lot too! There was even a sister that was really close to her from New Zealand! 
        Stake Conference happened this weekend! It was so so so awesome! Our mission president and his wife spoke and they were amazing! I'm so grateful for stake conf. and the topics on missonary work and family history work! The work of Salvation for the living and the dead! I'm so grateful to be a member of the restored gospel!  Whoo whoo! Sorry this is super long, i love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Love Sister Heywood! xoxo  

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