Monday, October 27, 2014

Hello Family and Friends!!

   Its been a wonderful tiring week! Full of fun adventures! The Bend and Redmond zones were able to go to the Portland temple on was the best day ever!! Its been six months since we last went. I'm so thankful that we get to go as often as we do cause I know there are missionaries that don't go as often. We rode up with members in the Cline Falls ward..The Schofields they just became active six months ago and they have a "Temple RV" that they take groups of people to the temple with them when needed because it takes 3 hours to get there. Otherwise they just go in there car almost every week. Anyways we met at the church at 6am and they took our district of missionaries! The zone leaders Elders Parkinson and Frankenberry our District Leader Elder Maxfiled and his comp Elder Flinders and then our wonderful Sisters that are serving in Sisters...Sisters Allen and Daniels! <3 It was honestly so fun. Lots of sitting though. We watched the Restoration video on the way up and mountain of the Lord. Then we were at the temple before we knew it. The temple was much needed and being inside is indescribable. So peaceful and the noise of the world goes away! its like time stops. When the session is over I find it hard to walk out...I stall cause I want to be inside for a longer amount of time. We all ate in the cafeteria and that was really good. We took pictures outside in front of the rv with the temple in the background. Then we went to Deseret Book and bought stuff! :) Then we drove home and played all these crazy mind games that made my brain hurt but they were really fun. We were so drained physically and spiritually! Oh man. It was amazing.

  Went on exchanges this week with our amazing Stls Sis Davis and Mower! Mower came here to Redmond for the day. It was only the second time seeing and meeting her and i felt like I've known her my whole life. She is pretty cool and played soccer at some college in Utah..i forget which one! We were able to teach Gabby Davenport...idk if I've told yall about her but she is getting baptized soon! Her step mom is a member and her dad is not and he wouldn't let her take the lessons until just recently and so we have been teaching her. She is 15 and is very smart girl ..I love teaching her. this past time we had the young womens president who she is very close to come, Sis Hodson! Gabby has been coming to church for about 2 years on and off but she is really knowledgeable about the Gospel. But she still has really good questions and spiritual insights that we learn from. She is a wonderful example, a lot of the time in young women's on Sunday she is answering the questions and being apart of the discussion.

Last Monday night we stopped by a potentials house and when we knocked they told us to come in...and we were not sure and a little confused but walked in anyway! They were expecting the (divorced) dad to walk in but they were glad to see us and invited us to sit down. Basically the whole time we were there we kept laughing cause the mom hiedi is goofy and her two kids Brittany and Matthew are so funny! Matthew has autism but its a really spiritually smart kid. This one of the first times and so we were taught a little and asked if they would be willing to learn more and they all said yes. The only huge bareer is that the mom works on sunday and the kids are with the dad on the weekends. But it will change soon hopefully. Also we told them that we would make sure they are invited to all youth and relief society activities! ah I just love that family.

 Yesterday Sis Sullivan and I taught a couple named Jess and Laura at President Palmers home it was really good. I had taught them about 3 times before and that was when sis ALvey was here and so its been awhile. Last time we had planned to teach the Word of Wisdom but weren't sure that what they needed at this time..or where they were at. But Laura started to tell us about a guy in bend who is a  member and told her of all the things she needs to do to be a member mostly about the wow! And so she says "Can I just get a list of something so I know about the things im not supposed to do! " ....we were like alllright we need to teach the word of wisdom!! haha They loved it and we love teaching with Pres Palmer..he is awesome!

So Sis Sullivan and I teach mission prep ever other sunday night and it was so good. The normal mission prep but then sis sully was impressed to invite the kids to come up and share there testimonies and not be afraid! Almost all of them did and we of course sat there in silence but then the first youth to get up were the back row joes! All boys and they were awesome short powerful testimonies...the spirit was so strong! They are so inspiring! I love this work...its amazing!!!

Explanation to my subject...we drove by a less actives house that I LOVE they have us over for dinner a lot and the mom is recent convert...but I was struggling with whether or not we should stop by because of stuff that recently has happened in the family. Anyways the door was open and so he saw us drive by twice and then we decided to not go and then I was like no we need to go...mind you we had only 10 min till dinner and Bro DeStefano is a talker. but anyway it was really good and needed to happen we really know more fully where he is at and how we can help him. It was funny cause he saw us drive by and so he was texting us..."Was that a Mormon drive by" and we laughed. I love my life.

 Love you all hope you have a wonderful week!!
-Sister Heywoood!

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