Monday, October 6, 2014

Hey Family and Friends!

  Can I just tell you how fun it is to be a missionary. I LOVE it with all my heart. This time is priceless and there is nothing that can compare. I would not trade it for anything.

  Ok so I don't have all the time in the world. But a couple stories for the ride...

We were visiting some less actives yesterday to see if they knew about the ysa activity and when we go to leave and get in the car...all the sudden we hear this amazing rapping and we turn and look and see this guy strolling down the street in this electric wheel chair...throwing some sick beats down. And Sis Sullivan and I look at each other and were thinking the exact same thing..we have to meet this guy! So I flip and "U" and go around the corner and we find him and had to wait for the other car to be finished talking to we pull up and just start talking to him and he said he goes by T-baby and we told him we heard him rapping and we had to come meet him. We invited him to the ysa activity and told him what we do as missionaries..said he never talked to "us" before and he told us he needs something to do and that he as been looking for a church...he was a pleasure to meet. And then I asked him...because to me it looked like he didn't need to be in the wheel chair and so I did and he just laughed and said noo I don't need to be in this I can walk, its my moms! I was just bored so I went for a little stroll. Haha I love him...basically for those who know Mark Thomas..he is his twin, along with making you feel like he is your best friends from day 1. We got his info and so hopefully we can teach him soon!

We went to go visit a potential that we had talked to on the street randomly the other week. We wanted to follow up on the Book of Mormon that we gave her. She invited us in and we started to invite her to general conference. She starts to break down in tears and she had explained to us that she has really bad depression and so we offered to help clean her kitchen and family room..that were in really bad shape. It didn't talk to long before it looked much better. It was really sad to witness and watch her break down in tears a few times. Then after we had a little lesson and the spirit was really strong. It was an amazing experience.

 We also had the ysa activity and it was a wonderful turn out!! The stake president and his wife planned and hosted it! They had us play games from the jimmy fallon talk show and then there was a dinner. Its a really fun time to smash a raw egg on your forehead.

Conference was the bomb! I loved it all but esp. Elder Bednar's talk on missionary work and why us as members of the church share the gospel. Cause it makes us happy happy happy! Why would we keep that from anyone?!

These amazing events don't often happen in everyday life but they do happen when you are a servant of the Lord and put yourself if those situations and act whether on or off the mission. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Love Sister Heywood!

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