Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hey there Family and Friends!!

   This week has been super awesome!! I love being a missionary...have I mentioned that before?...No? ok...Well there ya go. This area is on fire...I have never taught so much my whole mission! We are working with a lot of part member families and it is so fun to be apart of.

  So a couple cool stories from this week! President Samuelian..of course got the hook ups for the whole mission to see the movie 'Meet the Mormons' the day before it came out in theatres and it was  SO GOOOOD!!!! Everyone needs to see this. I cried. And the people that they interview and show there life stories are so diverse....I love it! I wanted it to go for two more hrs because I know that there are so many amazing stories from the members of this church in all parts of the world! Interesting story trying to make it to the building in Bend...first off our zone leaders told our whole district the wrong address and so we all drove to the wrong building and we were already late! Anyways its really interesting to drive in a place you have never been before and just try and find your actually really good at back tracking! haha
  We are still meeting with Renee every week and she is doing amazing! She is an all or nothing kinda girl. Her husband is Hugo and he translated for President when he spoke in the Spanish branch and the Spanish elders told us that it was a really spiritual experience and that Hugo started to cry in the middle of translating. So cool.

 We were able to contact a lady named Kathy! She was a referral from the elders and so we went to meet her, she was so delightful to get to know!! We got out of our car and she was smoking, she is a very tall lady and invited us in to talk. She has long pretty gray hair. Anyways we have a return apt with her and im so excited to teach her!!!!! The appt was actually for this morning and we went to sis Phillips the member we invited to come teach, to follow us there and we start driving away and she honks, so I stop and she pulls up next to us and holds up a cat and says "my cat is in the car, I didn't know, I have to take her back home ill be right back!" so we waited there and while we were Kathy called and said that she didn't sleep well and to call her in a couple days to set up another time. It happens a lot in missionary kinda just gotta role with the punches! We will probably see her this weekend:) Im excited.

 So there was an car accident that happened in Bend a couple weeks ago...where the man who was driving was drunk and he had 4 or 5 little girls in the car, taking them to a sleepover or picking them up, something like that. Anyways really of the girls died and the rest were injured and are still in intensive care. But there was one that walked away without getting hurt..Her name is Isabella and her dad is a less active member of the church along with his mom. They somehow contacted the church and said that they are ready to be back and to have the missionaries come visit them. So we did. And we were able to teach them last night and it went so well...we got to know them and see where there at with there testimonies. The little girl Phoenix that died in the accident was over at there home all the time..and the ward has been bringing meals to that family. It was hien sight  we were eating at the Bishops home right after the accident happened and they were telling us all about it for the first time. and I had said that would be really cool if we were able to help out in some way or work closely with some of those people. and here we are! :) We invited Lena and her daughter Elizabeth to be baptized if they were to come to know that its true! They said yess!

 Fast and testimony meeting was so amazing yesterday. I really needed church yesterday...its funny how that works when you are a missionary..cause you do churchy things all the time. But I needed church and I needed to bear my testimony. I love it. When church started we had no piano player or organist so...Bro Morrison was stalling while they were trying to figure out how they would get the Organ to play on its own. It all worked out eventually but it was one of those moments where you wish you never quit piano lessons! haha :(
 Oh we had interviews with President and Sis Samuelian on Friday! They went so well...the are just parents away from home I feel like I am talking to my mom when I talk to sister samuelian and esp. when I talk to Prez Samuelian its just like talking to my dad. I love it. They are so wonderful and do so much for this mission! Idk if I have ever mentioned the strengths test that they have had all the missionaries take..but Prez and I share 3 out of the 5; Arranger, positivity and belief. Pretty cool. He also told me that he will never stop calling me "Heyyywood!" even after I am married. I told him "Good because I will always be a Heywood!" haha Then he told me I need to name my first boy Heywood! haha Which Im so down for. I told him about Renee's and the confirmation she received and he started to cry...and said "You cant put a price tag on that. huh?" "Nope!" 

 Its so cant put a price tag on any of this. I love to teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I love talking to people and knowing there stories. There struggles and there triumphs. I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week! 

Love Sister Heywoooody!  

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