Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hello family and friends!!
     Im so thankful for the 10 in. of snow we got this week! Its been so fun
walking around everywhere getting all bundled up and trekking across Redmond.
Its crazy that last year in "the valley" when it snowed i thought it was crazy
living in the snow but that was my first time "living" in it...but here they get
a lot more! We have spent most of our days shoveling snow for people that we are
teaching and some la. As a mission our cars are parked when it snows but as of
now we are aloud to drive! We shoveled Renees walkway and then she said we had
to come inside and have some mexican hot chocolate which was so good! We have
been wiped out from all of this so when i go to sleep at night i am out so fast
and my body aches in the morning! But its good! Its so beautiful to see
everything so white and sparkly. We also have been able to meet some awesome
people walking around, i love it.
    Tuesday we had an amazing Zone Conference with President and Sister
Samuelian and this was before the snow fall! But still sooo cold. It was also my
last one and i didn't realize this until sister sullivan said something at lunch
time and i was like no way and she was like yes way! It was an amzing revelatory
experience and took lots of notes. I was able to bare my testimony at the end a
long with the other missionaries that are going home this transfer.
   Renee was baptized this saturday and it was sooo many people
came that we had to move into the chapel. It was very spiritual and i cried. The
people she asked to speak and the people who welcomed her like the bishop and rs
president did amazing jobs. The bishop welcomed her to the ward and related Matt
Cain pitching the perfect baseball game and his comments after of how he didn't
pitch the perfect game alone but that he had a field of professional baseball
players helping him, to how the church works and how we will all help out along
this journey. i LOVED it. She was confirmed on sunday by Bro Schofield and it
was beautiful. Renee was asked to share her conversion story in relief society
and it was so sweet to hear from her! She talked about how she has been stubborn
along this whole process of coming into the church...the ladies were so sweet in
telling her that it is that same stubborness that will help her endure to the
end and when she gets offended by someone in the church that she should use that
stubbornness and not let someone else ruin her faith and run her out of her
church and the blessings of the gospel. i love these people and working with
  We have been working with Gabby still and she will be baptized on the 29th of
November and she is getting really excited! We love her! She also attended
Renees baptism. We go every wed at 4pm and teach her!
We are seeing lots of miracles and i love being apart of this work. God loves
us! He really does! Im happy to have heard about the Phoenix temple being
dedicated like 4 different times today through email! This Gospel is such a

Love sister Heywood 

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