Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hey Family and Friends!

   Im so excited to be writing you all this week! Last week I didn't really feel like it which was dumb cause know I have so much more to update you all on!! I cant share everything but I will share some of the favorites...which is all my favorite! First off I love the people that we serve within the Centennial Park ward! They all rock and bring so much joy into my life and the great thing is its the gospel that brings us together!! I love teaching with them. Also the people we are teaching have changed my life, they have taught me so much.

  A couple weeks ago I talked about the Robins family and last Monday we were able to give them a church tour. It went so well and the spirit was very strong. It was cool because Bro Robins who is the member was so excited cause all these memories were coming back to him. From the smell to the chairs...haha! It was really cool when we walked into the chapel and Lena grabbed Bro Robins hand and she was just smiling, you could tell she was feeling the spirit. They are so cute. I love this family. They have a fat chinchilla for a pet! They came to church this sunday for the 1st time and loved it! They were welcomed by the ward very warmily. We had a lesson with them that night and they talked about all their different experiences and we were laughing at the different things that happened! Like the 81 year old Faye 'baring' her testimony about Halloween and how wild it was..the wildest one she has seen her whole life!!! And then preceded to tell a story about when her kids were little, one halloweeen there candy was laced with Xlax. Oh we were laughing and you should have seen the bishoprics faces. it was AWESOME. We love Faye! anyways Lena and Elizabeth one of the daughters plan to be baptized! :) We will probably help them set a date this week!

 We taught a lady named Theresa and when she opened the door she was in her hello kitty footy pajamas and struck a pretty cool pose. We taught her while she was in those pajamas... it was quite the experinence! Her and her husband tim and two kids came to the trunk or treat...idk if we will get anywhere with them...but the gospel changes lives I know it! Its very hard to be in their home..it smells to high heaven!! she has a pretty awesome laugh too! oh its fun.

Last sunday the whole relief society and primary presidency's were changed! Change is good! I love the way the church works and is set up. So organized and ran by a loving heavenly father. Sis Widing is the new RS president and they have only been in the ward for a few months. We have been taking her to teach Renee with us and its been so good! She also teaches zumba every Monday morning at the church for the women. We cant go, already asked....otherwise I would so be there. I love her testimony and lets just say I look up to her a lot. Great role model for sure! They have us over for dinner every so often. They have lived lots of places and they have 3 kids that are so well rounded. one of them was born in Hawaii her name is Kahau! The other two are Braille and Ansen! I could go on and on about this family and every family here.

 Renee is doing really well! She is being "BAPTIZED" (nacho libre) Nov. 15th! And its going to be one of the best days ever! We have been going through the lessons again and we have been (literally) throwing scriptures at her like no other! And she loves it! ;) No but really! She and her husband Hugo went out with the Spanish elders and Renee was sooo excited cause she used the scriptures that we have been using in our lessons! She is so ready. The Lord needs her. She loves missionary work. Its cool to have an "outsiders" perspective about the gospel and why we share it! Renee just says that it makes so much sense and she is so part of it! She is a true disciple of Jesus Christ! but she is not perfect..thats why I love her so much! Same with Sis widing and everyone here.

We are teaching a couple named Jess and Laura! I think I have talked about them before but anyway we brought Sis Destefano with us and they have a crazy thing in common...they both have a son that has been taken from them named Colby! and they total connected and had sympathy for each other. It was crazy cool.

I love this Gospel and this life that we have been given to gain experience and grow close to our Savior and a loving God. We have a lot to learn and to do here! Have a wonderful week!

Love Sister Heywood!  

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