Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hey Family and Friends!

     This weekend we had stake conf. and its was so amazing! There was a
special broadcast from Salt Lake to the state of Oregon to all 36 stakes.
Saturday we were invited to the Priesthood leadership meeting and it was
amazing!! Mind blown. Then the Saturday night session happened and we were asked
right before to be on a panel and we said sure and so the second half Sis
Sullivan and I, elder parkinson and frakenberry, a senior couple that just got
home and a couple that has a daughter out. We were asked questions from the
congregations and it was so awesome. i dont have words to just had
to be there! Then sunday at 830am we had a breakfast for returning less actives,
recent converts and our investigators! It was yummy. Art and Rebecca came they
are returning LA and Renee Hugo and there cute little boys came. Then the
broadcast it was wonderful.

  Renee is getting baptized this Saturday and we taught her this past week in
sis Widings home about the law of chastity and word of wisdom...and it was
awesome! It was even more awesome that we know she is living it. haha So we
applied it more to her and used some mormon messages that relate to what we
could help her with at this time in her life. We really wanted to apply it to
her, And it was so good to have sis widing with us. We met her sat morning at
the church to fit her for the baptismal clothes and figure out her baptism
program. She is super prepared and a lot of people are excited and have been
waiting for this day for a long time. Especially her Heavenly Father!

Love Sister Heywood!

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