Tuesday, January 20, 2015

          Last email! Hooray for Israel! Hooray to the OSM!
It started to hit me last night as we were in the Hayden's home one last time for dinner and as i shared a spiritual thought and expressed my love and thanks for them, it was the first time it really even hit me, i broke down in tears and couldn't stop crying. They were asking me more questions, some details and i couldn't answer there for awhile but i got it together after awhile.
  Tami entered the waters of baptism Saturday night!! She was beyond excited and her face hurt from smiling sooo much!! The spirit was very strong. As she walked out of the font she just stood there and cried. This woman is amazing and is so ready to serve...she already has a calling as of yesterday!! Her excitement and testimony has and will continue to help the ward here. They need her.
  Along with Elder Boren i am surprised that this will be my last email...its not believable yet! Just feels like my amazing missionary life. I cannot adequately describe what the mission has done for me and the part that i have played in helping souls come closer Christ. It is the most happy and (real) fun that I've ever had thus far in my life....It brings the greatest purest JOY. I'm excited to continue in this work in a different way in Az. If you didn't know already my fav part of this work is including the members and i have a strong testimony of the difference they make as they work with us and the missionaries around the world. I have seen this time and time again on my mission and i have seen the amazing miracles that it brings. I will forever be grateful for this time. Thank you for the love and support that you all have given me during this time as i have made one of the most important decision of my life. 
  I know that that Jesus Christ lives that he knows exactly how we feel when we are sad about things that matter to us and that Heavenly Father cares about the things that we care and pray about. I love the people here and the fullness they have brought to my life and the things that they have taught me. I know that the church is the Lords Kingdom on the eartth today and im so joyful to have the knowledge it is everything. Excited to come home and experience more of this wonderful life that God has given us to show our love to Him, through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
            Love Sister Heywood. 

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