Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hey Everybody!
     I'm so grateful for this week and the exciting experiences!! For this year
our Centennial Park ward is starting at 1:30 and as you all know it was fast
Sunday. It was a really good experience and i know that there is a power in
fasting. It was a much needed and spiritual Sunday!
     We go to go on on exchange with our Stls (sister training leaders)
comparable to zone and district leaders, but just for sisters! :) I was in Bend
with Sis Rosado and Sis Sullivan and Sis Mower were in Redmond. There are a lot
of really nice huge mansions in Bend and we had the opportunity to teach Lilly
who has been investigating for awhile and (taught her on my last exchange in
Bend) and her friend Devon that is from Bend but living in Nashville she is
working on becoming a singer song writer. We watched Joseph Smith the Prophet of
the Restoration in the Lovejoy's huge mansion, super nice and apparently Will
Ferrell has a house in that neighborhood. The Lovejoy's own a grocery store
there in Bend. Never been in a house like that my whole life but it was legit to
watch that movie and feel the spirit very strongly in there home and watch the
most beautiful sunset out there huge windows.
     Then we didn't have a dinner but we asked Sis Rollie who there really close
to and she is a Cosmetologist!! And her co worker and instructor Randle who was
at her house (who she used to date) not a member of the church but knows about
the church from Sis Rollie and other friends in life. We got to teach him about
the plan of happiness and salvation over grilled cheese, apple sauce and hot
chocolate. Basically it was my dream lesson....i have always wanted to teach
someone high up in the hair industry and he has traveled all over to work for
the salon he works for, including phoenix for 5 years. Right now he is living in
Santa Monica, he is in town to do some work and by the end of the exchange sis
Rollie texted us and said that he was wanting the first lesson that i had
mentioned and said "its what makes us different and what the plan of salvation
comes from" and he wanted to know what he was missing out on.
     On new years eve night we had dinner with the of my many
favorite famalies here (Bro Riding is a cop). We had to be in by 7 to set goals
for the new year. Before we left we set of paper lanterns and watched them fly
into the clear dark sky, it was beautiful and a fun way to start of the new
year! It was Kate's idea for #HeistheGift and sharing that light for others to
look to! :)
     We have a couple more people on date! Kristina and Lena. Pray for them, they
need more of a desire. The adversary works very hard on there families. We love
them and are getting the ward more involved with there families!
      I'll talk to you all next week! I hope that you and i have some great new
years goals to stick to! Im excited to see what 2015 has in store. I love this
Gospel, it just makes sense! The Lord knows your hopes, He knows your fears and
he wants to help, Talk to him! Love you ALL!

Love Sister Heywood!

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