Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dear family and friends!
This week has been a good one! Last pday we helped the Collins move their home into some moving pods, started around 1:30. then a lot of ward families came around 5 and then we didnt stop till 8:30. It was very fun I learned a lot about packing. We miss the Collins family but still see jake at early morning seminary when we work-out at the stake center with the spanish sisters. its fun cause we get a game going of knockout before they all need to be in class.

That night we drove to newberg for exchanges. it was the 2nd one we have done but my first time being out of our little bubble of forest grove., so i was with sis Renslow who trained my comp, so in misson geneology she is considered my "grandma". it was fun to be in newberg and learn different things. we had a lot of fun had some good/funny experiences tracking. We met a guy named pete. he doesnt believe in going to church and has a lot of his own beliefs..."oh what do you believe in?" and pete says "I don't know" we love to get these responses! He was a really nice older guy but thinks church is "one big fashion show". he's one of those that likes to go on and on..you know one of those?! We also went to visit this lady who is getting baptized soon in their area and lets just say it took the sisters and some of her own good experiences to gain a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. When we stopped by she was actually having a book of mormon reading with her brother and his wife and so we joined them and it was super sweet to see cause she wants to be halfway through before her day and you can just see how happy she was and mentioned that she wants her kids to have this and they dont want it. Then her brother said "i know exactly how you feel"..meaning he had been waiting patiently for her to have this happiness of this knowledge and to find it for herself. It does take a lot of patience. It was a great exchange. I was glad to be back in forest grove!

Update on our people: Not meeting with the brothers anymore. they are not ready at this time to accept the book of mormon. great nice people and we still love them! they know our testimonies. 
Meeting with John and Nevada this week. they have been reading the book of mormon and watched conference with some members on sunday, Jack was ill (p.s. gave us tmi on his sickness) and so we are meeting with him this week and he did try and come to church but conference was happening..we didn't tell him cause he was sick but glad he tried to go to church. Our bad. 

Been meeting with a lot of less actives and loving it. We are getting more info on the college students which we are really excited about! We had members inviting the people we are working with over for conference. Love the ward here, feel like I've known them all my life.

Conference was simply amazing..we spent it at the Campbell's. they are in charge of the "singles" in our ward and they are so fun and funny! We also helped them paint some of there house earlier this week, it was tons of fun. We are trying to find the pure in heart that are wanting to take on the name of Christ more fully in their lives even if they dont know it! I am learning a lot out here! I love teaching. its one of my favorite parts. 

This weekend is transfers so we will see what happens, anything could happen....ahhhh :) 

"Talk to more people" and i will too! I hope ya'll have a great week!!!

Love always Sista Heywood!

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