Saturday, October 5, 2013

Oregon Salem Mission Office
700 Deborah Rd Suite 260
Newberg, Oregon 97132 
Hey Sista Heywood here!
So my umbrella holding/opening skills are really sore...just saying this is NOT az..i repeat not! Its great but definitely something to get used to! This week was alright, "the bug" is going around and basically everyone we talk to is sick but it hasn't hit me yet, which I'm very thankful for! We had a few canceled appts and quite a bit less active lessons which i love, like the Beldens, but a lot set up for this it was a little slow! But still affective. Im going to talk about things that make me laugh cause i like to laugh.
Well first our district was able to go to the temple and do a session which was super rad and was very much enjoyed! Sis Collins was able to drive us! Sis Sigmon's temple recommend actually didnt go through so we went a session later cause we missed ours but then ended up with the coast district which was fun to get to see them! Love the temple!
Last pday Sis sigmon got stung by a bee/wasp and it was pretty bad. she claimed that she is allergic but we put baking soda and water on it and she was fine! But it really hurt i could tell and she drove cause we were leaving the spanish sis. apt and i offered trying to be funny but she said no :( haha i didnt want her to faint or anything! ;) Then later in the week we were tracking in the beautiful rainy weather and she knocks on a door and i see a wasp thing on her head and i look at her really seriously and say "Dont Move!" and take the book of mormon and wack it on her head to hit it away and it didnt come off so she put her hand on it and it stung her...i cant help but laugh and im going to get it one of these days!
Then the other day i was getting out of the car and the phone had been on my lap and i forgot it was there and yes you guessed it, it fell out of my lap into the running water but i caught it soon enough that it didnt go down the sewer drain and fast enough that it is Aok now...! We bought rice just in case! haha
Yesterday in church during fast and testimony meeting there were amazing testimonies given, mostly by converts which was great to hear. i can listen to it all day and so it was already 5 after the hr and the family we usually sit by, their little girl Leah walks up very slowly to the pulpit cause she wanted to say her testimony so bad..she gets up there and its finally her turn and the bishopric waves her over telling her that its her turn. So she stands up there and immediately flings her hand in the air and says "i just cant do this" and runs all the way back and so i ask her "if i go up there with you will you do it?" and she said yes and so we do and right before the stairs she stops so i encourage her some more and then she says "ok but you have to go up with me" of course and then she changed her mind and goes back to her seat and so i get up there haha say what i had been planning to say all along (cause i do that) haha but its funny cause sis sigmon and i weren't planning on going up cause a lot of others were, but i still new i would get up there i just didnt know it was going to be that way! haha 
Sis Siggy and i taught gospel principles on sacrifice it was good, just a little rushed and i am really hard on myself but thats a whole other story! Early this week Bishop Dean had asked us if he could use us in his lesson in primary, this was my favorite part. He had us stand in front of all the kids and had them ask us any questions they wanted about our missions and then he had us talk about our decision to serve a mission and then he had them open to D&C 4 and he was about to read it and then looks at us and we were already walking back up cause we knew he was going to have us recite it! So we recited it to the primary and they were all "wow!" We say it every morning plus a few other things. i love it. 
One day Sis Sigmon and i were eating lunch and Sis Rice joined us which doesn't always happen..we got to talking and found out that her husbands brothers wife is sisters with Jeriann Keeling! She said "I knew some people from az i think they were from mesa?! I can't remember her name...she was really sweet and her husband is a jewler." .....Duh Jeriann and Ren!  hahah it was soo funny! I said "Sis Rice we're related!!!" hahah ;)

A little update on he ended up moving back to Pennsylvania where he is from! So hopefully if he still desires he will find the missionaries there and continue to progress in life and the Gospel! Things got a little complicated but all is well!

So a couple things i forgot to talk about last week...we met this girl named Beanie she is 18 and going to Pacific University and lives on campus! She is in the ward and came to us with questions because she has been working with some of her roomates and someone who asked for a Book Of Mormon! Sidenote: we are not allowed to proselyte on campus! So basically she is our secret weapon cause we have to be invited into the campus! We were so excited about this! She is bomb and goes to mission prep even though she is not sure about going on a mission yet but knows that will help her, anyways which i think everyone should do. No Joke.
A couple sundays ago this girl named Jessica gave her farewell talk, she is serving in the Phx Az mission spanish speaking and she would come to lessons with us! She talked about how excited she was to serve in Arizona and it made me cry. I felt the spirit so strongly in missionary work. There was just something about me being called to serve in forest grove oregon and her being called to where i was from that was special! And that we crossed paths! Her brother is also going to cali in about a month ASL which i am so jealous of! 

We also did a lot of service this week on sat. in banks there was an Oregon Marathon and with our district we helped take everything down in the pouring rain! It was fun and we laughed a lot! I love serving and i may or may not have been really excited to get the free tshirts that we got! And then we attended the Relief Society Broadcast! Took dinner and dessert to a family we are teaching.

Anyways Life's good. The church is so true, its insane. Makes me so happy. I love being a missionary! Love always Sista heywood!  
Funny moment: We take our shoes off everytime before stepping onto sister rices carpet and so sunday i was super drained from church and started to take off my skirt and sis sigmon is all "what are you doing?!" and i was like "what?...umm i meant to take off my really tired..."

Oregon Salem Mission Office
700 Deborah Rd Suite 260
Newberg, Oregon 97132 

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