Thursday, October 31, 2013

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Hey Ya'll!
This week was adventurous and interesting! Last monday i did some hair that was fun and turned out great! Including members and sis sigom:) I miss it, so I'm glad i can do it as a service! Also this week I found out more of my purpose in this area and ward...there is a reason each missionary is put in their areas and companions and even down to the time! (i knew my purpose but its even more clear to me) So excited about it!!! :)
We had our lesson with John and Nevada and they are just soo great, have i said that before, the lesson went really well and again they are so prepared. They want us to pick the time on Nov 9th but we are so excited!!!! Isnt it exciting?..i think i will cry. No, i know i will. Our mission president wants to be there also and i told them that and they're like "so there are going to be people there that we dont even know"..and i said "yep people who love and care about you and you dont even know it!" haha i feel like thats how most convert baptism are cause they are really so special! 
Made some contact with some less actives families which is really great...according to ward members cause they wont give the time of day to anyone else in the past..and it just so happens that the mothers of these families are needless to say we had a lot to talk about! It was awesome! :)
Friday Sis Sigmon started to get really sick and is still really sick and will be seeing a doctor today (outside of our mission) shhh! Dont tell! ;) Its the closest doc and its approved if its for those purposes! We had to cancel our dinner so i made some for us and we weren't able to go was kinda weird cause we felt bad and wanted to do work but pretty sure people would not like us in their homes when Sis sigmon sounds like a dying whale! haha A couple times sigmon would get up and say ok lets go do this and i would have to be like "noo sis sigmon go lay down" (great practice for when I'm a mother) haha Saturday it hit her pretty bad and so we didnt do much except help the spanish sisters meet with some hispanic people that are in our area to help them get the spanish branch started which is very exciting! We were able to make it to church we sat in the back, far from everyone but then all the ysa started sitting by us. It was the primary program and was expectingly cute!! haha I helped Elder Lee our zone leader teach combined relief society and preisthood while sis sigmon was asked to play piano in the Forest Grove 2nd R.S. Poor girl..i feel so bad! We had a meeting for ysa after church which was awesome and our plans to find the less actives and spread the gospel and the activities coming up! Its great that I have 3 yrs of ysa experience..i kinda know how it works;)
Every friday we have our district meetings and our district leader picks people randomly to teach whether its companionships, split companionships or Sister and Elder! So guess who taught twice in a row.. elder sutton picked me to teach with him, it actually went really well! It was fun and funny our District is pretty close we have a lot of fun even with our senior couple Elder and Sister Scott, we love them!
Well I'm just trying to nurture sister sigmon back to health so we can get back to work! As the Christmas season approaches, as a mission, President Samuelian is having us read the four gospels and Jesus the Christ so we can come to know our Savior better, the one that we serve. I invite all of you to do the same! I'm excited for the chance to get to know my Savior better and become more like him so that i may be more successful in life and sharing the light!

Love Sista Heywood!
P.s. Sis sigmon got her driving privileges taken away for 90 days cause of "tiwi" shes had a few glitches and lets just say the mission office got to Sigmon before she could get to them so i have been driving which has been pretty cooool. We went and did some contacting out in the country which is beautiful/huge and we didn't know our area went out that we went down and then back up this pretty steep hill it was really fun/scary and we were laughing so hard once we got up it cause we weren't sure if we would! dont worry we got this!

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