Friday, January 10, 2014

Hey everyone!

So i got some exciting news! I am now in Brownsville Or and I'm beyond excited for my new surroundings! One of them being my new companion Sister Chappell :) She is amazingness and has been out about a year and has been in this area for about 3 months and her last comp Sis Matheny was one of my very best friends in the mtc and you all probably could care less about that! haha But i just love it here already! I've heard lots of interesting and awesome things about this place mostly interesting and i like interesting! haha So we will see! Sister Chappell is from Richfield,Utah and is just super great! 

 Of course sad to leave Forest Grove but excited for my new adventures and for just more of the mission experience and more people to love! What i have been told is that we do a lot of service here, which I'm so excited about and to find out for my reason being here! :) Today at the transfer meeting one of the asistants to the president asked me to say the prayer and i was super honored...idk why but it was fun and i just love everything about the Gospel and the spirit i have felt today and for the things that i learned in Forest Grove! 

 Yesterday at church i was sitting there in sacrament and just couldn't hold it together and started to cry and we had our Investigator Dorothe Jangala (if you think your saying it right your not) sitting right next to us and she just put her arm around me and said it will be ok and gave me some tissues and then Dorothe kept urging me to get up there and bare my testimony so i finally did! But i thought that it was so sweet of her to do that! And a perfect last Sunday...and the tears i cry are always tears of joy cause i am happy and just so grateful for this opportunity of a lifetime! And its not easy, but it brings me the most happiness, that's why i love it!

Oh also cool story from this week...well a couple! We ran into Ben Harris again the guy who worked along side walt disney for 20 yrs and he was out walking his dog and i saw him from very far away and screamed and so we went to talk to him..he is the sweetest guy! He told us he has been reading out of the book of mormon again and would love to meet with us and said he was interested in coming to one of out services! It was so we got his contact info! (your welcome dad) haha And then also we had lunch over at stake President Richardson's home and he had invited the Baer family over for a "Shahastaria" which is a like a brazillian barbeque! We did it because the wife is from brazil and 2 of his sons served there! The Father mr.baer is one of pres richardsons patients and had questions about the church so long story short it was so fun and they are coming to church next Sunday! It was perfect...Pres. Richardson is a perfect example and practices what he preaches..."How do you like your burgers/teriyaki/taco" Love you all have a good week!  



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