Monday, January 13, 2014

Wonderful people! 
       Oh myy Goodness...ask me if I love Brownsville?!....YES I love it. Why would you even question that?! It has been a great week and i have learned a lot that comes with transfering to a new area...The people here are so loving and so welcoming its the best...I love this small town and being in a branch! Its pretty sweet because everyone knows each other and cares for each other! Its pretty great. I have made some cool connections with some people...the world keeps getting smaller and smaller...The other night we were having dinner at a members home and towards the end the dad mentions how he served in Honduras with an Elder Heywood and that his first name is Brooks and that he is from AZ and I'm allll...thats my uncle! hello! It was so cool..that is one of the reasons its important to open your mouth and talk to people! 
       Did a lot of service this feeding a baby llama its milk through a bottle and what not! Also met a lot of people! Sis Chappell and i are having so much fun together....its so awesome cause i feel like I've known her my whole life...we have fun doing the work together and i think that is important! Laughing is a great thing! right? I know so great. Haha
       The main people we are working with right now are Olivia and Elliot, Shawna and Skip...some of the funniest nicest people i have ever met! So much fun to have lesson with them! I'm so thankful to be here its cool as a missionary when you have little personal revelations for what will happen...when i got the call to be transfered i knew it would be here and with sister Chapp! :)
        This week our just recently called Branch mission leader's wife (still getting used to saying BRANCH) got sick and was supposed to speak at church and so Bro Forrest asked us! haha of course leave it to the missionaries....hahha jk! But my first time speaking in sacrament on my mission 6 months out haha oh yeah btw i hit my month mark...weird right? Anyway besides baring testimony in my last area i was never asked to speak...its fine! haha I was excited to speak and nervous of course! who isnt? the topic was on service..perfect! I thought it went really well but who knows i'm thankful i had the opportunity! I spoke for at least ten min. That's a big deal right? Like i don't do that i have never done that?! Church was soooo fun! So its a branch right? well ya it is and its small but its the cutest thing I've ever seen! A lot of wonderful older people and solid young families! They all were so excited to meet me and the feeling was mutual! I felt so loved! And It was cool to sit up on the stand and look out at everyone my first Sunday!
        I'm so happy to be here and to be learning the things i am..such a blessing in my life! And it is one of the best decisions i will make in my lifetime! I know that the fullness of the Gospel has been restored to the earth and im so happy about it! Dont hide it from people...that would be mean! Love you all! Have a great week!

 Love Sister Heyyywood!    My address: 151 Spaulding Way         Hollaa at yo gurl! 

                                                                  Brownsville,Or 97327 

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