Tuesday, January 28, 2014

      Its been a wonderful week and i hope you all feel the same! We are all
moved into the apt. thanks to the help of the wonderful Branch and esp the
youth! They are all rockstars! Its so much better in our new place the spirit is
there for sure its wierd how after a couple days of being there...well the time
that we actually spend in there like lunch and sleeping but i can feel a
complete difference from the old place! Its nice! Made cupcakes and gave them to
everyone who helped us move in!
    So last week im pretty sure i mentioned our landlord..!? Exciting news we
went to his house and brought his family cupcakes met his daughter Jazzy and
talked for a little bit...its funny cause we found out his address from Pres.
Glenn and its not weird at all to just know where someone lives and show up
because its soo small like i said haha anyway! Found out he grew up in Az and
went to ASU and his daughter is Phoenix right now working and then he asked us
what we do all day everyday and we explained and mentioned "church tours" (which
is the real reason we went over so we could do that) AND he basically initiated
it and said "Maybe you guys can take my family sometime to tour the church" HUGE
BLESSING! So that will be happening this week and i want you all to know i am in
Brownsville for this family..other reasons too but i am here for this family and
i cant wait to start teaching them! His wife wasn't there yet so we haven't met
her...but seriously such a sweet sweet family!
    WE also had interviews with Pres and Sis Samuelian this week..it went
really well and i just love talking with them! Pres Samuelian has had the whole
mission take a "Strengths Test" a while back and he had me talk about mine and
we have 3 out of the 5..It was pretty funny! He said "Sister Heywood you like to
have fun huh? I like to have fun too. I think i have too much fun, do you think
that is bad?" haha i said no! It was funny but he doesn't remember but that was
one of the first things we talked about when he interviewed me for the first
time in July! haha He pulled Sis Chappell and i both in and talked to us and
gave us a lot of good advice for Brownsville like it becoming a ward! We would
need 100 more reactivation/baptisms collectively to make it a ward! In my last
area we did a "40 day fast" if you ever remember reading about that. I brought
up the idea in our branch correlation meeting and they received it really well
and so Bro Isaksen talked about it in Branch Council cause we weren't able to be
there and they are starting in Feb. and i think that will really help this area
and get people more involved with missionary fun/work! Pres Sam also let me know
that my Heavenly Father is pleased with me...which i needed to hear! :)
  So yesterday we went to Lebanon in the Riverview ward to help talk to the
Young Women and our time got cut kinda short so we didn't have much time as i
thought we would but i still cried haha even though i just met these girls not
that much younger than me, I talked about reaching their full potential and that
heavenly father has a plan for each of them and that they need to stay as close
to Him as they can esp during these teen years! I felt really inspired to tell
them what i did and dont remember anything i said i also had all these notes i
wrote down and didnt even take them out to look at them! haha It was wierdyy! I
felt so strongly about encouraging them to find their fulll potential now. If i
knew the things i know now when i was younger i would have done some things so
different but u think that is how it is for everyone haha But im so grateful for
my mission and time here and the eternal perspective i have gained and continue
to grow! I am eternally grateful!
   "I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22!" OH this week was also Sis
Chappells bday on Friday! And it was fun ate lots of cake....too much cake..we
are trying to be healthy gosh dang it and everyone keeps giving us nummies! haha
for realies! It was a fun day we had our District meeting that day too! And our
Dl made cupcakes and sis chappells sweet momma sent me the cutest maxi skirt in
her birthday package! It was almost like my birthday too! Brownsville is the
best place to celebrate a bday cause everybody cares :) Oh one more thing we are
getting Ipads tomorrow! Kbyee!

Sister Heywood! :)

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