Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hey friends! 
 We had transfers today and guess what happened!? The Lord put two 
 Mesa, AZ gals together to continue to hasten the work here in b-ville! 
 Her name is Sis Farnsworh and she is sooo sweet! Yes....no need to 
 ask! We have already made some connections of people we both know, 
 such as a Sis Margaritis and Sis Allen! Some of my very best friends 
 on missions! Sis Farnsworth is feeling 22 and has been out for 11 
 months, she has 6 brothers and 1 sister, she also follows in line as 
 second oldest! She has a brother on a mission in Chile! She also 
 trained my MTC companion sis Paskett! We are so excited to keep 
 working here! :) 
  Yesterday was the end of the 40 day fast and we have seen so many 
 miracles and tender mercies from the fasting of the members here! It 
 has been really cool to see and also that it continues on! So many got 
 up and bore testimony including sis Chappell and I of the amazing 
 things we have seen and the missionary work that has gone on. The 
 coolest thing to see is the excitement from the members and our branch 
 mission leader Bro Isaksen! We had three people yesterday agree to the 
 lessons :) all through the members! One of them is chuck Thompson who 
 has been coming to church for a long time and bro Merlin Evans the old 
 branch president is really good friends asked him and offered to have 
 them in his house! It's just so cool to see the fruits of our labor as 
 missionaries and members of the church! Oh also last Sunday we stopped 
 by mary and Adam ragel some la couple and we talked to her for like 15 
 min about why their not coming to church and where the Brownsville 
 branch is...and early this Sunday morning as i was getting ready for 
 church the Spirit told me to text and remind Mary when church 
 started...so I did! They texted back and said see you there! So 
 cool...then we get there and Adam starts to tell us..."it's so weird 
 it's like you knew we were talking about you and that we needed to 
 know the time of when church started so we can come!" And then they 
 said they were going to make it a weekly thing.."this whole coming to 
 church thing" ;) 
  Well I gotta go try and find the phone cause sis Chappell and I lost 
 it this morning and I still can't find it....it's a problem! Bah! 
 Love sister heywood!! Xoxo 
 "Jesus is not waiting for us to be perfect, perfect people don't need 
 a savior, he came to save us in our imperfection, he is The Lord of 
 the living and the living make mistakes he is not embarrassed by us 
 angry at us or shocked. He wants us in our brokenness in our 
 unhappiness in our guilt in our grief." 

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