Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hey familia!

We taught shawna, we taught Chuck Thompson, had lunch with Kathy Norris and
found out she has never read the Book of Mormon, all of those were wonderful
lessons and very spirit lead! We mowed a lawn for the first time for Diana (7th
day Adventist) talked to her about the book of Mormon and cleared up some things
about it not being our bible, which was really interesting that she thought that
and I know a lot of other people do too! Hmm gotta fix that, assisted Elliot in
giving Olivia a small surprise birthday party, Seth hoyer and Jo hovey (young
men in the branch) there friend Devon came to church and told them he wanted the
second missionary lesson. He is the one that we taught like 4 weeks ago and
seemed interested. Ate dinner in sweet home with David Griffith and his sweet
wife Shirley(catholic), ate dinner at kirks ferry with Gina and Kathy and waited
1hr and 30mim for our food it's okay cause they are both less active so we are
working with them, cleaned out a garage and squished like 10 black widows. On
May 1st is national day of prayer and the town of Brownsville is getting
together at at 6pm to 615 pm and praying. Put on by the Assembly of God church
pastor and we have been invited which is a huge step for this town! Had dinner
with the Glenn family tonight and taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ with
stepping stones...we love this family so much along with everyone else. We have
done a lot of service for people not of our faith and have been able to serve at
the schools which we have gotten special permission for because we have been
working with some potential investigators of the church! Church was
wonderful..learned so much! It is my testimony that I know that personal study
and prayer are essential to life and that they make life and trials that come
our way so much easier make sure we are doing the basics!!!

Love sister heywood!

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