Thursday, April 10, 2014

>    Alright we are on our way to the temple and sis Farnsworth and I are
> very excited!!! The Portland temple is beautiful!!! There will be
> pictures down at the bottom. We have three ladies from the branch that
> are coming with us sis Forrest (driving), sis ayotte, sis short. There
> some of the best. Our whole zone will be there.
>    This week has been amazing. The very first night sis Farnsworth and I
> were together we were able to teach a lesson to our brand new
> investigator Pierce(17)! I emailed about Taylor(20) a couple weeks ago
> and Pierce is his roommate. We were able to teach him about the plan
> that Heavenly Father has for him along with Olivia and Elliot who are
> just awesome fellowship for these two boys. We also gave them a church
> tour and they are going to come practice singing "come unto Christ"
> with us and the youth for when we preform soon. They also watched all
> of Sundays general conference at Olivia's! They are troopers...haven't
> even been to church yet! Haha
>   I have talked about the Compton family before the dad Gary is our
> landlord and he has asked is that every time a new sister gets
> transferred in that we call him so he can show the newby around and go
> through the list. It was the perfect opportunity to see him again and
> see if that seed was continuing to grow. We asked sis Glenn to be
> there so we had another woman in the room and the Glenn's are great
> friends with the Compton family. He showed us through the Masonic
> lodge which is always cool and then at the end I planned to *follow
> up* with him about the church tour and sis Glenn "OYM'd" and invited
> them to Easter Sunday! He said he had not forgotten about the tour and
> that they have been busy (which is normal, but a huge barrier with
> anyone) but said that they would come but would like the church tour
> first. OYM = open your mouth D&C 33:8-10 cool huh?
>  Oh by the way I LOVE Sis Farnsworth she is the sweetest thing! She is
> so kind and I have learned a lot from her already she is such a great
> example. There are so many things I am grateful for, that I have
> learned on my mission so far and a big one is the things I learn from
> my companions. Sis Farnsworth and I have laughed a lot! Something
> funny that happened the other day was when she kept driving past the
> places we need to be totally confident in where she was going and me
> telling her that we passed "it" and then laughing hysterically because
> Heavenly Father knew I needed a good laugh. I love this sister and her
> desire to do the work and constant smile that's helps me keep mine!
>   One night we had like 15-20 min before we had to be in and we didn't
> know what to do so we prayed and then drove. We ended up passing Seth
> Hoyer(15) a member and two of his friends walking down the street! I
> rolled down my window and yelled his name out real quick saying hi! We
> kept driving and they ran up to the car to see who we were. Asked them
> what they were up to and they said nothing and we asked them "what
> should do with our time left? "Seth said "go visit my family and read
> the scriptures" and I said "its too late for that!"..... then all the
> sudden we were teaching Devin and chandler the 1st lesson, as it was
> raining outside of Randy's cafe at there tables at 845 at night in
> downtown Brownsville! The spirit was really strong and I had an
> immediate love for these boys esp. Seth cause he's in the branch and I
> know that this lesson helped him also! Hopefully they remember what
> they felt.
>    We have done lots of service this week which is different for sis
> Farnsworth cause in her other areas people don't accept your "is there
> anything we can do for you?" So much. No really we mean it! Haha. Here
> some of her first week experiences!
>  "Brownsville has been yet another new experience. So far I have fed
> cows, been licked by a baby llama, helped fix a muddy gate, helped
> clean out a horse tack room, started making a quilt, almost got turned
> into hamburger by an angry bull, helped someone move, seen many
> Mennonite people, and got yelled at by an angry Jewish man! We have
> been asked to do a lot of service! It is fun. We have also been able
> to meet some amazing people and teach lessons to a new investigator.
> There have been a lot of miracles here recently." -sis Farnsworh

>  Conference was amazing and I loved every bit we were able to watch
> and all the people that had a desire to watch it and have us over! It
> definitely is a Super Bowl for missionaries! We missed some cause we
> did some service for Stephanie Kramer a member who is like an amazing
> piano player move out of her home..bro Griffith was there and brought
> his huge covered trailer to help! He is awesome! So then Sunday night
> we went over for dinner at the Griffiths to watch some more and his
> wife Shirley who is not a member watched it with us! :)
>   Tonight we are teaching Chuck Thompson for the first time at the Evans
> home and we are soooo excited! I know The Lord is preparing people
> here in Brownsville!
>  I love you all and hope you have a happy week!
> Love sister heywood!

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