Monday, April 14, 2014

Heyy sup peeps!
> This is an update from Wednesday! We were able to teach chuck at the
> Evans home and it went really well! We are meeting again this week and
> he came to church..I know that he will be baptized he is very humble
> and kinda timid. You can tell he was nervous he came an hr. early and
> he seemed anxious. He is so sweet and Merlin Evans is such a great
> friend to him! We were asked to give talks for Sunday on the atonement
> and it went really well I was the last speaker and had maybe 5 min
> (kinda like my farewell talk) except I completely changed what I was
> going to share I prepared a lot and didn't get to share it and it's ok
> because I was doing what Heavenly Father told me to do even though it
> wasn't easy! I'm thankful for my mission and how it has helped me to
> understand what our savior did for each and everyone a little bit
> more. We had a lot of LA coming back to church..which is very
> exciting. Lots of service this week and we are doing a lot of finding
> and inviting! I know that there are people here in Brownsville being
> prepared by Heavenly Father. Today while we were getting our oil
> changed in Lebanon we gave the two guys waiting on us a Book of Mormon
> and card! They were super nice and used to the missionaries
> coming through. He saw me reading an email and asked what it was and I
> told him about my beautiful sister and her role in the Easter pageant
> and her testimony of the savior and how her emotions come out as she
> dances for Him! I love the gospel and for this Easter season to
> reflect even more on our brother Jesus Christ and his atoning
> sacrifice and resurrection. This is the good news! Share your love for
> the Savior with others. Happy happy Easter week! Love you all!

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