Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hey family, 
>  It's been a wonderful week! I didn't leave myself enough time to 
> email cause I thought a nap sounded like a better idea. Since I'm the 
> queen of naps I figured I should get one for the maybe 3rd time on my 
> mission. 
>  We were able to teach chuck again and got through half of the plan 
> of salvation and we started off with singing "I lived in heaven" the 
> primary song! The idea came when I got a package from my grandma Julie 
> and uncle Timmy the day of and there was the sheet music of that song 
> inside! The sprit was strong and there were tears from the members. 
> It's really cool to teach chuck and help him understand what Christ 
> did for him, that he is important and loved!! We have been focusing on 
> his faith in Christ and his atonement. It was cool cause we drew out a 
> little map of the plan for him and he couldn't see it so he got up and 
> sat closer and stayed there and made eye contact with us as we bore 
> testimony. I told him he would see his wife again and I started to cry 
> and it was something I haven't felt in awhile like I couldn't help but 
> cry and the members also and then as I looked at chuck he had tears in 
> his eyes. 
> We did a lot of fun service for the community this week like helping 
> the schools plant flowers and pour bark dust. It's fun to be on your 
> hands and knees in the rain. I felt one with the earth haha. We also 
> helped his organization called American legion who is in charge of the 
> huge Easter egg hunt in the park and we helped hide all of those! 
> Church was amazing we sang with some of the young women "come unto 
> Christ" and the talks by bro and sis Meyr and there son Oliver who is 
> like 6'7'' did an amazing job! It was like sitting in conference. Then 
> dinner at the Ashcrafts and they got us a Easter basket full of 
> yummies. I'm so over candy. That will probably change soon. I loved 
> this Easter season and I pray that we will continue to remember our 
> savior! I'm sure you have all seen the Easter video "because of him" 
> if not go look it up, it's really amazing and I love love the music in 
> it. I get the chills every time and trust me we have used it a lot. I 
> love the gospel and know it's true. "We are not perfect the people 
> around us are not perfect" -uchtdorf 

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